Tonight is 'turkey baster method' night. It is going to be soooo romantic. Try not to be jealous of my steamy sex life. ;)

I can't tell if the YI is still lingering because the damn medicine is irritating the hell out of my skin. Either way, BD is out. I'm trying not to let it depress me, I just reeeeaaallllly hate having something wrong "down there." Especially around O time! Geez...

Anyway, I got an almost positive OPK yesterday, so I figure today will probably be positive, or even if it's just "close" I figure, why not? It can be a practice round. Hehe. Not that I really expect anything from of this experiment, I just figure at least this way I won't feel like I wasted a precious post-HSG cycle. And if it works, I'll have a beautiful story to tell my child one day. Maybe I'll even save the syringe to show my little Kitlet... Okay sorry, that's just gross. It's almost time to go home and I'm starting to get loopy!

Changing the subject now!!

Hubs and I have another fun-filled weekend ahead of us. A birthday bbq tomorrow and backyard brunch on Sunday at my place. It may be a bit chilly but we'll light a fire in the pit and keep the mimosas flowing, that should keep people warm enough huh? Then I get to do some modeling for my friend's new handmade jewelry business (she's pretty dang good!). I am NOT a model, so this should be interesting, and fun :) And hopefully not too champagne-filled, because I tend to get one droopy eye after a couple drinks... I'll post a link when the site is up and going. Gotta support my peeps!!

Only 30 minutes to go... Happy Friday!


Allison said...

Hope the TBM experiment went well!! LMAO at "Kitlet" - that's awesome!

Sounds like a fun weekend, Kit... enjoy!

-my husband grows cotton- said...

How did the TBM go?!? Have a great weekend!

JJMarie said...

You are a hoot Kitty! I think we would be great friends IRL! How did the TBM go? Did DH do the insem? Its a very romantic pic but hey your being proactive and it could work! I also wanted to mention that I get the droopy eye too so I can totally relate. I hate those pictures but for some reason I have a lot of them. I think my profile pic is one of them!