Day 16 in the desert...

How soon we forget the perils of the TWW when we're on a sorta-break from TTC! It's only been two months since the last time hubs and I were trying for realsies, but in that time I managed to happily forget the insanity of the waiting period. And now that we're back on the wagon I'm back to the madness. Only this time it's worse because I had the HSG. Remember I said I'm a pessimist? Well I am, and yet I have this annoying hope that the HSG has miraculously boosted my fertility and that this. could. be. it.

Today is CD 16. SIXTEEN, people! Out of a potential 30 (hopefully 28)! Oi. I don't know how I'm going to make it. I'm trying to trick myself into thinking it's still "fertile time," just in case, so that might help for the next couple days, but it's still going to be a looooong wait.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Hubs and I are having sushi again tonight (that kid just can't get enough of it), and then we have a busy weekend of housework and family gatherings ahead of us.

Then I'm going to work on lowering my hopefulness levels and getting back to the "glass is half-empty" mentality I know and love so dearly.


-my husband grows cotton- said...

Good luck with your 2ww!

AJ48 said...

Hang in there!!! The time will come...Praying that this is it for you!!!

Dont forget that they say the 3 months after your HSG you are considered 'more fertile' so if this doesnt work out then you still have 2 more months with that hope!!

But hopefully you wont have to...
Good Luck Kitty : )
I hope the dreadful 2ww goes quick for you...at least its the weekend!!