Thank you everyone for your kind and reassuring comments!

I have calmed down a lot.

I found out my insurance won't cover any cultures/labs that Dr. H sends in, regardless of what lab they're sent to. And I called Dr. H to confirm that yes, he will most likely want to do lab work. I just don't want to rack up medical bills over this, so I got an appointment at 3:30 at my GP on a cancellation (and with the NP I really like). I'll just give her the rundown on everything I've taken for the BV thus far, and let her know what Dr. H said about it. The best part is, hubs has an appointment with her at 3:00, and he's getting himself checked out to see if he might be contributing to my issues. So I can probably get her opinion on that too.

Whew! I feel a lot more comfortable with this plan. Even though I am a TINY bit worried about leaving the doctor that is more familiar with this case, if worse comes to worst I can always try going back to him later, right? Might as well go the cheaper route first.


E said...

It's a start. Glad you hear you are feeling better.

Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

You have a good hubby for making the apt too. I hope everything goes well.

Get better soon.


elephantscanremember said...

Insurance is so LAME sometimes! Ugh.

I do hope you get permanent relief from this.