Well I feel sheepish

Sooo... I am a huge overreacter (overreactor?).

Turns out I don't have BV, no infection at all. Just some extra CM randomly hanging out at a weird time of the month... How embarrassing!

My doc does think that stress is the main culprit for my recurrent infections though, and I tend to agree. So, shrink on Wednesday, more exercise, and less freaking out are my RX.

(You all have permission to slap me silly for my craziness the past couple days.)

AND! I fully intend to get back on the TTC wagon next C. We'll be on our road trip, so most likely no OPK's, but lots of BD! AF should be here around Monday. Bring it on, witch!


Anonymous said...

That is okay, better to be safe than sorry right !

We won't slap you...YET ! lol..

M said...

I will not slap you silly, but give you a huge HIGH FIVE for no BV! Yay!!

Anonymous said...

yay! Have a happy BD time! That's a stress reliever right!


E said...

I hope it stays away forever!

Don't feel silly, you have a right to overreact!

Allison said...

After all you've been through, you did the right thing getting checked out.

FD'ing on vacation is the best!!

Caitlin said...

LOL you crack me up. :)

I'd pry do the same thing though. Better safe than sorry!!!

Glad everything checked out okay!