My day

I woke up (at 4:00 a.m. no less) with something weird going on with my esophagus. It felt like a lump in my chest and hurt to swallow. At first I thought it was heartburn but 3 different remedies did absolutely nothing to help. I'm still not sure what is going on but I did some googling and found a message board with dozens of posts from people with the same symptoms. One person suggested Mylanta so I tried it and it has actually helped. I can still feel the lump but at least it doesn't hurt so much now. Ugh. Have I mentioned I am sick of stupid crap going wrong with my body already??

The work day has pretty much FLOWN by, surprisingly, and thankfully! We're headed off to another Dodger game tonight with a couple of friends, and the best part is - it's fireworks Friday! We are sitting on field level so we'll have quick access to get out on the field for the display, which is always fun. The grass at Dodgers Stadium is so soft and spongy, and we have a big blanket to sprawl out on. Sadly I will be unable to partake in any beer with the current state of my gullet :( but I will just have to make due.

What else is going on this weekend? Oh yeah, we're going down to the San Diego area tomorrow to check out some cars! I may just get a new one this weekend, who knows? Then we're meeting hubs' cousin for sushi, and on Sunday we have dinner with the hubs' fam for his dad's birthday. Another busy weekend ahead, but I like it that way :) Hopefully we'll get to sleep in Sunday morning, read the paper, and play with my baby-kitty. He has been neglected lately and needs some attention in a bad way before he starts attacking my ankles again!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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