My weekend in Purgatory

I say Purgatory rather than Hell because, well, I'm Catholic, and the weekend could've been worse. Plus if you look at it from a certain point of view, maybe it was meant as a soul-cleansing experience or something.

Purgatory started off on Friday after work. I got home and checked the mail - two pieces and neither was junk OR a bill! Woohoo! The first was a thank-you note from a friend's engagement party. I didn't recognize the return address on the second so I started tearing into it. In mid-tear I saw the words, "A & K are having a baby!" and I immediately threw it across the room like it had bitten me. Of course I already knew A & K were pg, but why oh why do the shower invitations have to show up at the worst possible times?? (You know, after my pity party last week.)

I (mostly) got over my horror by the time we left to go camping. (And once I got my chicken fajita pita from Ja.ck in the B.ox I was even in a good mood!) About this camping trip - hubs's family does it every year, and the whole family kinda comes and goes throughout the week. So I was totally expecting the handful of little kids, the baby, the cooing and talking nonstop about said children, etc. And I was prepared - I brought a bottle of tequila, a bottle of margarita mix, and some of my favorite snacks to console me. Things were going to be peachy, and they were.

We spent all day Saturday on the beach and had a great time. I may have had a few pretty strong margaritas throughout the day, so by the time we headed back to camp I was sauced. Hubs and I headed off to the showers where we waited behind the most adorable young family ever. They had three very small children and all of them had the most beautiful red hair. As soon as hubs and I got into our shower room thingy, I lost it. You know why.

To top it off, we had our monthly dinner at my parents' house last night, and all my nieces and nephews were over. My youngest niece has started walking, she's getting so big! And my brother and SIL had taken her to visit some family recently and were showing photos of my niece and my cousin's 6 month old baby playing together. I tried really hard not to let it get to me, and I don't think anyone noticed that it did. It was just bad timing for me I guess.

So I'm ready to be back at work today! Is it wrong that I can't wait until my pg cube neighbor is gone on her maternity leave? She'll be here for 2 more weeks and I am counting down the days. And I'm looking forward to the road trip more and more. I really need to get my mind off of this stuff for a while.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kitty, I can so relate to you. It seems that no matter where you are , the reminders are always there. It is kinda ironic how when we weren't ttc we never noticed all the pg or the little babies just seemed so cute. How do we turn into these people ? I am happy that the cocktails helped some... (((((((((((((SUPERHUGS))))))))))))

E said...

It is extremely hard to look at things that we want so bad and are trying for so hard and yet we don't have it.

It is HARD.

I do understand. My SS is pregnant. We were pregnant together when I had my second m/c.

She just popped out and it is HARD.


LOL on the margarita! Good idea! Too bad we couldn't walk around with an IV full sometimes especially during baby showers.

M said...

I feel the same way around neices and nephews. I love them to pieces but it always reminds me of what I don't have. And I SO wish we could have our children grow up the same time as their cousins. *sigh* And it's hard to just "get over it" (((HUGS))) Kitty. IF is the shits!

Caitlin said...

I'm so sorry you had a crappy weekend Kitty. I guess I have a little luck that I don't have brothers or sisters - hence no nieces and nephews. DH does though and it's a little hard to take when his family visits.

I hope this week you start feeling better...maybe your cube neighbor will go into early labor! ;)

Steph O. said...

It's crazy, but that makes perfect sense to me! Ugh, it totally sucks what IF turns us into.

I'm glad you made it through the w/e, if only we could carry those drinks around with us everywhere!


Hey, not trying to upset you, but I've read a couple of stories where women had low-level infections that kept flaring up & it was enough to keep them from getting pg. Is there ANYTHING more that your doc could do to try to knock that out of your system? It just doesn't seem fair to get that many visit from Yolonda.

Allison said...

I'm beginning to realize that it doesn't matter how "prepared" we are, it's never enough.