Stuff, and the weekend, and stuff

I think my new outlook is helping. The weekend was quite nice actually!

Amber (my IRL friend who reads this blog) and I met up and walked almost 3 miles on Friday evening. To say the least, neither of us is a power-walker, but I did get my heart going a little! --Poss. trigs ahead-- Afterwards, hubs and I went to their place for bbq and ended up playing Wii with she, her DH and their two older boys (7 and 11). Their kids are so funny, and really friendly and outgoing. Both of them LOVED hubs and even asked if we'd come back again. So cute! :)

Saturday morning I slept. I was really paranoid the night before because I had to start using my new BV cream (Clindamycin). I don't do well with creams up there - BAD reactions to the YI creams. So I took a Xanax and one of hubs' sleeping pills and I was out like a light until 11 a.m. Thank goodness I had no bad reaction to the cream, whew! Just 4 more days of it to go now. Sat. evening, SIL, Amber (also a budding photographer) and I had a little photo shoot for SIL's new line of clothes for her Etsy shop. I hear the photos came out really well, so I can't wait to see them! SIL says it's helped her sales using me as a model (and I use that term VERY loosely). She usually uses her sisters, but I guess I'm more willing to do what SIL wants, plus I let her make me up however she wants (if you check out her shop you'll see what I mean, it gets a little crazy). It's fun for me, and I am happy to help her out.

Sunday was an interesting day! Between breakfast with a friend, shopping for Dodgers baseball caps (gotta represent when we see the game in Phoenix next month!), and hitting some balls - poorly - at the driving range, we had a little bidding war going on with the Scion! I had parked it out on this street that's lined with other cars for sale by owner on Saturday, and we started getting calls on Sunday (should have done this weeks ago!). We ended up agreeing on a price $1000 below what we're asking, but if it all works out it will be gone today! Hubs found the nicest TLS online we've seen yet, so the car shopping could be over with in just a few days. I know, it seems like we've been doing this forever, but we just haven't been in a hurry and wanted to get ourselves the best deal we could.

All in all, a really nice weekend. Then this morning I went and tweaked my neck! OWIE! But on the bright side, I managed to get an appointment with the chiro right after work today.

Hope the week flies by for everyone :)


E said...

It sounds like you are feeling better! You sure stay busy on weekends.

Your SIL's website Pink Zombies is cute as hell! Does she sew all of that?

-my husband grows cotton- said...

3 miles?!? You go girl! Hope you have a great week :)