Too much

This day could get worse. But if it does, I might have to jump.

1. One of the changes at work that I mentioned the other day happened today. Layoffs - 10% reduction in staff company-wide. We lost one person from the larger department that my tiny department is a part of. Yes, I knew it was coming, but it's still stressful, especially for my two employees. Neither is in any immediate danger of losing her job, but they're both extremely wary in general. Throw in a layoff and they tend to assume the worst and stress themselves out like crazy. Not that I blame them, I've been on the receiving end of layoffs before, so I'm stressing too, just not as much as they are. Luckily it's a pretty busy day so they're not dwelling on it too much.

2. We're having a party on Saturday for hubs' birthday, and I haven't done one damn thing for it yet. I still have to clean the whole house (and it really needs it), buy all the food and supplies, and gather all the borrowed chairs and tables we'll need. But I can't do any of that today because we're going out to dinner with the in-laws to celebrate. So I'll have to do it all tomorrow after work. Ugh. And okay, my MIL kinda ticked me off with the whole dinner thing. She emailed my SIL (it's BIL's birthday celebration too) and I about it a couple days ago, asking what we thought about doing dinner, and after we both responded, she never did. Hubs called her yesterday to see what was up, and she was still up in the air about it. She finally sent an email at 10:30 last night with the plans and a request for us to RSVP. *Smacks forehead*

3. Last but not least, my infection is back, right on schedule! I finished the antibiotics almost a week ago, and that seems to be the cutoff for me. I am beyond pissed, frustrated, disgusted, hopeless... I'll be calling the doctor again as soon as they get back from lunch, and hubs is calling his, too. I keep wondering if it has to do with his relatively high (but within "normal" range) semen pH. It is 8. Then again, whenever I was using RepHresh, which is supposed to balance out vaginal pH, I still wound up with BV. So who the fuck knows. It could be worse though, right? Hubs is soooo incredibly understanding about it, I am really lucky in that respect. But my hopes for TTC again anytime soon are going down the drain, which is probably what bothers me the most.

Ugh okay. Calling the doctor and going to lunch now. Let's hope the afternoon looks better than the morning.


Anonymous said...

Kit, I am so sorry your day has sucked. Mine has been sucky too. Don't you just *LOVE* being an adult. I hope your afternoon gets better.


M said...

GRRRRR, those darn infections. I'm so so sorry Kitty. It's just not fair!

Anonymous said...


We will see you on Sat. Do you want me to come help set up? We have some chairs.

About the Dr. thing...I think you need a new one. One that wants to solve the problem and not just take shots in the dark about it.


E said...

Sorry 'bout the sucky day.

BV never leaves you alone. I wish they would help you already.


Birthday party for hubs this weekend, huh? I hope you have a blast.

Caitlin said...

OMG are you serious? Again? I'm so sorry Kitty...that is just awful. I hope your doctor finds the problem soon.


Allison said...

Holy crap.

That's all I have to say about that.