Shameless plug

I just have to share this with you ladies.

I am super excited about my SIL's new Etsy collection! I mentioned the other day that we did the photo shoot with my friend Amber over the weekend. Well SIL put the photos up last night, so the new collection is officially available. I honestly think she'll be famous (or at least make a real name for herself) one day, and it's exciting to be around for the "early years". Plus it's cool to see her designs evolve!

Normally her style is a little too... okay, I'll just say it - weird for my taste. (It's okay, we're tight and my SIL knows I think her stuff is weird!) I dress very simply, even boringly (is that a word?). But there are 3 or 4 pieces that I really want for myself out of this line, so I thought I'd post a shameless plug for her, and simultaneously give you guys the opportunity to check out some super cute, original (and inexpensive) styles.

...And if you want to look at the photos just to laugh at how funny I look, that's cool too :)

Check it out!


Emily said...

Kitty - I looked at her site the other day when you mentioned it... I thought some of her stuff was really cute, and really unique! I hope she does well!!!

Pinkzombies said...

Hey, thats me!! thats me. thanks Kitty

E said...

Neat stuff! Love the bow in your hair :) It really is unique. It looks like maybe it could be fun, playful, naughty stuff. :)

The Unproductive One said...

That stuff looks great, I wish her every success!

Anonymous said...

The clothes were so cute. I want some of those tops! I had fun taking pics but you made it so easy. You are beautiful just standing there...even with circles on your cheeks!