Breathing a bit easier

Thank you to those who commented yesterday, and for your prayers! They are very much appreciated. And they must have helped because I'm feeling somewhat better today.

On the verge of a meltdown at work (and me without my Xanax), I finally decided to do something about it last night. I called the employee assistance line and got a referral to see a shrink. While the news I learned this weekend helped spur that decision, I'm sure I could handle it a lot better if I wasn't also dealing with all this other baggage as well, ya know? I think I've been doing pretty well on my own, but there's no harm in a little emotional tune-up now and then. Ugh. Why does life have to be so dang HARD?

Anyway, onward.

I'm feeling pretty good about TTC lately. It helps that I have a couple coals in the fire - First off I have an appt with the gyno on Friday to talk about more testing. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions to ask? I've had CD3 bw, pelvic u/s, HSG and lap. Is there any other type of diagnostic bloodwork you've done or heard about? What other kinds of tests are there for IF?

Second, I am finally getting my butt in gear on the whole acupuncture thing. I found out the closest covered provider is an hour from home, and although she was very nice when I spoke with her on the phone, I'm waiting on my GP to see if they can find a contracted provider closer by before I commit. Might as well try since I'm already halfway through this C anyway.

Other than that, today's CD14 and I'm just waiting to O. Come on little eggies, let's get a nice, big ripe one going! Get out there and meet yourself some swimmers, hook up with a particularly healthy one and get to conceiving! Pretty please...?


Lookingforaplussign said...

OK, did DH get his boys counted?

How about the post-coital test? Do you have enough EWCM for those boys to swim? or is your body fighting off his sperm?

Of course, all those cost $$.

Finally, have you had the 7 DPO progesterone test yet?

Keep probing, girl. I hope you find your answer. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Maybe if you just relax...(hahaha that is supposed to be a joke...I hate when people have told me that!!!!!!)


E said...

Sounds like you have had all the basic b/w done.

They tested me for a bunch of crap but I don't remember what....I know they can do the post coital which a lot say it is worthless, but I don't think so. Also there is the sperm penetration test.

Are you going off of Xanax or are you just out?

Misty Dawn said...

Thats the positive attitude I'm used to seeing! I can't think of anything else they could do but refer you to the RE. That would be awesome if you found another accu closer, if not, its awesome that its covered by your insurance! I'm sorry that you are having to go through what you are dealing with, I need to see a therapist pretty bad, its just making that phone call and paying for it in cash that seems to be my issue.

Emily said...

It can never hurt to get someone else's perspective, right?? I'm sorry things are tough right now... we are always here to listen!

Pinkzombies said...

glad your looking into therapy. I loved it and am thinking about going back again. it's so nice in soooooooooo many ways.