The Hag

Well so much for hoping for an easy Friday!

Today my ex-boss, henceforth to be referred to only as "The Hag," went off on me about something not work-related. She's always flying off the handle about something ridiculous, then a few hours later acting as if nothing happened. Usually it's about work, which I can deal with. But today when she questioned a personal choice of mine (as if it was any of her business) and then had the nerve to belittle me for it, within earshot of one of my employees no less, I reached my limit. I was so mad I was shaking; she really crossed the line. So I complained to our boss about it. He says he will talk to her, and I hope he does.

From now on I'm documenting everything unprofessional and inappropriate she says or does to me or any of my direct reports. She needs to learn that she can't treat people the way she does and get away with it. Honestly, she's half the reason I want to quit.

I am itching to get out of here. Luckily, I'm leaving early today; only 30 minutes to go. Come on clock!! MOVE!


E said...

Sorry about the undesirable coworker. That just makes it all the harder to stay somewhere you don't like.

Happy Friday!

Heather said...

Boo! Down with the hag! I had a boss like that. I honestly felt like I was her personal whipping boy. I was working with her while I was engaged (so it was a long time ago) but man I hated that job BECAUSE of her.
I think it's a good idea to start documenting things she says to you.

elephantscanremember said...

I am so sorry!

It's a good idea to document it and perhaps to get the employee that was there to witness it to write an account too.

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Sorry about the hag. Doesn't sound too appropriate in the workplace! Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!

Steph O. said...

That sucks! I really almost hate talking to anyone at work. I'll friendly chit-chat, but it's my job, not my social life!

I agree w/PP- DOCUMENT!!!