Tangent day

Hubs and I have been speculating for a few days about some friends of ours who got married not quite a year ago. It's been common knowledge in our circle that they've been "not preventing" for the past few months, and a few vague comments on their FB page have led me to conclude that they've succeeded in what they've barely attempted to do. Granted, I don't know for sure if that's the case, but I'm a pessimist, rememeber? (I even use this mug every single day at work, lest I forget.) So I always assume the worst. Well, the worst for me. If it's true it's great news for them of course.

My reaction was predictable, something along the lines of telling hubs in a particularly acidic tone, "UGH. I'm pretty sure she's pregnant," followed by IRL frowny faces a la :( and >:( But what was surprising was hubs's reaction. He said, "Well if they are, I'll be pissed, but..." And I don't remember what he said after the "but," because I was totally caught off guard by hearing he'd be pissed, and I may have stopped listening at that point. So I asked why. I mean, I know why I would be, but his normal response is to say he's happy for his friends. He's generous like that. This time his answer was pretty much exactly the same as what my answer would have been had the question been asked of me - he wants one, it's not fair, etc. etc. And I was all like, "Welcome to the Dark Side, my young apprentice..."

And then we drank our White Russians (since bowling night was cancelled), watched some TV, attempted to make a baby of our own and went to bed.

Which brings us to today: I'm deciding not to worry about others and focus on the task at hand. Today is gyno day! I really hope my doctor has some options for me for more testing. Thank you for all your suggestions, I'm going to push for the 7DPO b/w and the post coital. Although honestly I may have already had the 7DPO testing and I just can't remember... (That's not unusual for me. I once suffered through an entire summer semester of American History at community college so I could transfer to a State school from the private school I had previously attended. It was the single worst class I've ever taken. And I didn't realize until the day before the final that I ALREADY TOOK AMERICAN HISTORY! So I stopped stressing, ditched the final, and graduated with not a blemish on my academic record 2 years later.) Anyway, back to the point! I'm also going to ask whyyy I seem to suddenly have a lack of EWCM when I never had problems with that before. This body of mine needs to get it together already!

Alrighty. Gotta do some work before I leave for the doc. Have a wonderful Friday!


Sweet Pea said...

You have such a way with words. " Welcome to the Darkside" ...lol.

I think not worrying about others is good, it really gets us nowhere fast.


E said...

It is always disappointing when someone turns out pregnant other than ourselves while TTC!! It doesn't matter who it is. I had to suffer through a step sister and my cousin who were both pregnant while I was, albeit I lost mine but they never blinked once about boasting about theirs. It was hard.

GL at the doctor and I hope you get some tests going soon.

Oh, I hear ya about repeating tests....they took the same tests on me 3 or 4 times after 2nd m/c.

Allison said...

Ah, yes...that is a good day, the day the Husband finally understands what you've been saying and stops looking at you like you're the biggest beyotch on the planet for not being all "hooray, someone had unprotected sex once and got knocked up..."

Hope the appt goes/went(?) well.

Emily said...

Good Luck at the doctor!!! Keep us posted!!!

LLnMS said...


Sorry about the 'IRL friends' thing...I know that sucks.

You know, one thing I noticed about my IF journey. DH and I didn't start out on the same page in the beginning, but as we went thru the treatments, meds, tests, and everything else...he eventually felt the same way I did. IF not only changes the wife but it changes the husband as well.

I think it's great that your DH feels the same way you do.

Good luck at the doc's office today!! I hope he gives you some answers!!

^J^ said...

So how was your appt? I hope you were able to get some answers.

I love your ....."Welcome to the darkside." .......That's greaness!!!! ROFL :}