Gyno update

And I'm back!

Well, there's bad news and there's semi-not-so-bad news.

Bad news first: I've already had all the tests done, including the 7DPO b/w. I kind of had a feeling that I had... Dang my shoddy memory! As for the post-coital, Dr. G said it's basically been proven useless except in extreme cases, such as if you've had cone biopsies where the CM has been effected. So, not gonna happen.

Sigh... And I was so excited about having 50% coverage for diagnosis! I guess it's a good thing though, considering all my tests were 100% covered by my old insurance.

Dr. G started yammering on about how this is only my second C since the lap, and when I told him I'm not getting any younger he actually rolled his eyes at me! Punk. I like the guy, but he pisses me off sometimes too. ;) He said to keep using the OPKs and give it a few more months to see if the lap did the trick. Well I told him there's been a cycle or two (and I think this might be one of them) where I never did see a positive OPK, and that my EWCM has been MIA a few times as well... Which leads me to...

The semi-not-so-bad news: He gave me a prescription for Clomid. 50mg, CD5-9. No, it's not going to be monitored, and Dr. G wasn't too concerned about that when I asked. I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm also a little desperate. If not for the fact that I haven't seen a truly positive OPK this C (and another recent C too) - and that the lines are now getting lighter, and that I still haven't seen any EWCM - I would seriously consider not taking it. But I think I'm going to go for it. I know there are risks to using it unmonitored - multiples, thin lining, cysts, etc., but I'm thinking - it's only 1 C. Hubs is going out of town at the end of the month, which will be around O time next C, so I probably won't even use it until the C after next.

Feel free to verbally abuse me for my irresponsibility. (Just kidding, please don't abuse me, verbally or otherwise. I'm sensitive!)

I do have this nagging feeling I should get the b/w redone... But I also wonder if the reason I haven't seen a positive OPK lately is because I've been taking them later in the day, almost 8:00, when before I always took them at 5:00. They did get darker and darker this C, very nearly as dark as the control line the other day, so I'm wondering if I may have just missed it? Plus the tests I'm using now are the SUPER cheap ones, and I've even had some complete duds in the batch. Still doesn't explain the lack of EWCM, but I don't feel inside, I just wipe and check. There's been no problem with lubrication...

Ugh. Do you sometimes feel like you just know WAY TOO MUCH about all this stuff??? I kind of miss being ignorant.

Okay this is getting ridiculous and I actually do have some work to do before heading home. So I shall wish you all a good day and a wonderful weekend!


Rain Child said...

I know how you feel...I sometimes know way too much!!! But, I think it's a good thing, because then we are educated advocates for our health. My cousin is a GP and you can't believe the questions she gets from people who aren't that educated about their own health. My favorite was when some guy walked in with a "shoulder cut with pain". Turns out, he had been shot a few weeks ago on a hunting trip. When asked why he didn't go to the doctor he said: "Well, on TV the wounds always heal themselves quickly. I didn't think it was a big deal." (insert eye roll and slack jaw)

Back to you. Even though the lap was a "small" procedure, you need to give your body time to heal and repair itself. Any kind of surgery is hard on our body (not to mention the stress of anticipation). I know that you are anxious to move on to the next cycle and get some answers...but it could take some time. And that is a sucky thing. I hate waiting. I hate it with a passion...I assume you are the same way!! But, I think you are making good choices and trying to get the tests and questions out of the way.

Okay...enough wordiness. Have a great weekend!!

elephantscanremember said...

I don't check for cm internally. When I get it, it usually comes out in a big stringy blob! It's almost always on the day I o too.

I fared well on Clomid 50mg. I had a textbook cycle too.

I hope you don't have to worry about even using the Clomid!

Christina said...

I won't verbally abuse you. If you feel comfortable taking Clomid I say take it, if not then don't.

The only way I'd ever have EWCM is if I was drinking green tea during my cycle otherwise I just don't have any either.

Steph O. said...

I think you'll be ok. Have you had cysts before? I think you'll know what it feels like if you have any from the clomid.

I totally understand wanting the ignorance back, I actually miss it sometimes. There are a few benefits to being this in-tune though...you won't ever expect a gunshot would to heal on it's own. (to name just one!)

I hope the clomid does the trick!

E said...

I NEVER got EWCM, never, never, never. The only time I could get those elcheapo ovulation strips to turn positive was by taking them later at night around 8 or 9 and they never turned quite as dark as the control strip. But, I would know it was positive if it was pretty dark.

As far as the Clomid, try it..you never know. He should at least check your progesterone though or put you on progesterone because sometimes Clomid can affect your lining.

Allison said...

I've never had luck with OPKs - I always take the one that is darkest as the +OPK, just to make myself feel better.

Hope you don't need that Clomid, Kitty!

MotherHen said...

I know very little on all the IF stuff. I have a small question: If your body is still healing from the lap, would it be a waste of time trying the clomid? JMHO but its probably good that you are waiting till the following cycle...I don't know how good I'd be at waiting if I were you. Its like telling a kid to wait to eat their Halloween candy when it's Halloween! Good luck!

(ps I giggled outloud because your comment moderation word is "grope")

Emily said...

I know plenty of ladies that have taken Clomid unmonitored, so I think you will be just fine. Remember, your doctor said to give it a "few" months, so if nothing is happening in a few months I'd be calling back!! Good Luck! Hope the Clomid does the trick!!

Kristin said...

I say go for it! I never got EWCM either. Clomid can cause CM issues anyway (you make less), so you may invest in something like Pre-Seed to make sure that those spermies have a comfortable environment to swim thru. I never had lubrication issues either, but its worth a shot. I would ask your dr for a 7DPO progesterone check just to make sure you O'd though. Good luck!!