Happy 10 for Happy Friday

Thank you to Kate for giving me the Happy 10 Award! I'm always on the slow train in posting awards, but better late than never, right?

So on with the show. Here are ten things that make me happy (in no particular order):

1. Being married to hubs, who is the yin to my yang.

2. Atticus! I maintain that I managed to adopt the most awesome cat in the world, and he brings both hubs and I lots of joy.

3. My backyard. It may not be the prettiest yard ever, but it's big and sunny and smells like plants. And if it wasn't for the backyard we could never have parties!

4. My underlings. They make my job bearable.

5. My best friends, A, J, B, and T.

6. Music, especially fun harmonies that I can sing along to and blast on my car stereo.

7. The smell of the ocean.

8. The smell of ripe strawberries in the fields on my drive home. Mmm... And later in the year, the smell of onions! DIVINE!!

9. Long, sunny Saturdays.

10. Fridays that ZOOM by!!! (Fingers crossed!)

I now nominate (and sorry for any repeats):

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My SIL - Pinkzombies

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