Life just keeps on throwing those curveballs doesn't it? Just when I was starting to figure out how to deal with my lemons I learned something this weekend that really threw me for a loop. My emotions have been all over the place the past few days. I know I'll sort myself out and be back to normal sooner or later, but I am just wound so tight right now.

I apologize for being cryptic but I know you will understand if I can't share. To ease your mind (if your mind was uneased!) - hubs and I are fine, everyone is fine. If you could throw in some prayers for me and the people around me that would be appreciated :)

Other than that, the weekend was pretty nice. Hubs and I spent some time with my brothers, SIL and niece, and we also did a little shopping. Very little! But I did get some fabu new red patent leather heels that I can't wait to try out. Just in time for Valentine's Day :)

On the TTC front, we are moving right along. I started OPKing yesterday, a tad on the late side I realized this morning when I remembered tomorrow is CD14, but since I usually don't O until CD 16 or 17 I think I'm still in the clear. I think I'll start doubling up on the green tea for the next few days, even though I'm still taking the raspberry leaf tea. I'm going to be positively overflowing with tea this week, but if there's a chance it will help, I'm taking it!

Hmm, that would make a pretty good TTC motto...

Good luck with your Monday, everyone. This one is kickin' my butt!


Steph O. said...

I hope that whatever it is eases up on you soon. (((HUGS)))

My mind is slightly eased that you & hubs are ok, I'll be thinking about you though. We're here when/if you want to talk.

(((((more hugs)))))

^J^ said...

Hugs & prayers! Sorry yor not having a good start to your week. I hope all works out well.

E said...

I hope everything is okay. I'm sending you lots of hugs.

Emily said...

Sending thoughts and prayers your way! Hope everything turns out okay!