Work and the week and stuff

The hubs landed a second interview! Please keep everything crossed that it goes well next week. His friend T works for this company and he's really pulling for him to get hired. He said there are 4 candidates left, so he's not exactly a shoe-in, but they started with 8, so that's not too shabby either. It would be beyond wonderful if he gets hired for this position - more pay, no more working in a branch, casual environment. Seems like a really good place to work, and a much better fit for him.

As far as my work is going... The Hag has decided to stop being haggy (for now, that is - she could change her mind again this afternoon), but my new attitude towards her is "professional and polite, not friendly." I just can't wait until this economy turns back around and I can try to find a job I really like. That probably won't happen for another year or so, but I can hope! Until then, this one pays the bills and I should be grateful for that. At least if the Hag is off my case that's one less thing to fret over.

Well, tonight is my last night with hubs until Sunday. He's leaving tomorrow for his friend's bachelor party trip. I hate when he's gone, but at least with a deadbolt on the front door I'll feel a lot safer alone than last time. I also bring the gun out and keep it nearby at night. What? I said I don't like being alone!

I try to plan as many activities as possible whenever hubs is out of town. This time I only have a couple things going on - girls' night in at my place on Friday, and an event that hubs's uncle is putting on on Saturday night. Girls' night should be fun, I already have more people planning on coming than I expected, and now I have to figure out how to fit everyone into my tiny house! I think I'll do Wii games in the living room, and board games in the kitchen, then movies later on for those planning on staying the night. Hopefully it's a fun time for everyone :)

And hopefully this cold doesn't get any worse or there might not be a girls' night! So far so good, I'm downing my vitamins like they're going out of style and I feel okay. It's mostly just a nuisance at this point. Not much else I can do anyway.

Alrighty, it's obvious I'm just bored today and I'm only delaying the inevitable. I should probably get some work done!


Allison said...

Fingers crossed for your hubs!!

Dude, a gun? Like, a real gun or a watergun filled with acid?

Kate said...

I have a hagg-ish person at my job too, but it's exacerbated by the fact that she's an idiot! Enjoy the non-haggish time - at least here, it always seems to be short lived.

Have a great girl's night - it sounds like fun!

Allison said...

I think that's awesome! If I ever have the guts, I'd like to learn about guns. Until I have lots of training, though, I wouldn't want one in my house. But with that background, yeah... I'd have one, too. Go Kitty!

Kitty said...

Allison - sorry, in retrospect I should have responded to your comment here, not on your blog, so I deleted my comment on yours. :)

Anyway what I responded with was that yes, hubs and I do have a gun, more than one actually. My dad owned a gun store for many years, so it would probably be weirder if we didn't have any! But not to worry, I've never shot anyone. ;)