It's CD28 and I fear AF is imminent. Unless my psychic powers deceive me she will be here tomorrow. The cramps have mellowed out and the bbs are still a little sore, but she can't fool me. I've been keeping my eye on her long enough to know all her tricks by now.

Course now that I say that she'll probably sneak attack me today and ruin my new undies. The b*tch. That's what I get for wearing new undies on CD28 though.

Last night hubs and I had our massages and it was heavenly. Once mine was done I was ready to SLEEP. Not just super relaxed, but exhausted-ready-to-pass-out-at-8:00. Today I'm a little achey, which I guess is fairly common. I'm sure having my super-tense muscles worked on for an hour is bound to have its effects. I feel like I got a workout! I think I can talk hubs into making this a regular thing though. He even said as Aunt K was leaving that we should schedule another one around O time next C. I guess he likes to have me pliable. ;)

(Heyyy nice, someone just brought me an envelope full of Hershey's Kisses and peanut M&M's. How did she know I was PMSed?)

I'm pretty excited about taking the royal jelly and of course I already started. (Dot, to answer your question here's a short article.) I only wonder if I should take more - 1 capsule is 500 mg, and I thought I read somewhere that 1000 mg is recommended. I know it's okay to take that much, I'm just cheap and I want to make my little supply last as long as possible :)

Somehow that reminded me that I still haven't gotten any info on my acupuncture referral! So I just called the doc's office to see if it was denied... and it was. :( The doctor's office doesn't have the reason, so I can either call the ins co or wait for my letter. Either way, they're a bunch of b*stards. I hate insurance.

At least I have this envelope full of chocolate to drown my sorrows in.


^J^ said...

Sorry it was denied. Insurance is the devil!! You pay for crap you'll never use and then the one thing you need coverage on that's what's not covered. Pure evil if you ask me!!

So someone just brought you chocolate out of the blue. SWEET, enjoy!!!

I hope af doesn't ruin your new panties. Though I got to say that is pretty brave of you. It's like your trying to send her a subliminal message to not show ever!! Hope it works!

Allison said...

I hope your psychic powers deceive you. Stay away, AF!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Kitty ! :)

Steph O. said...

I agree w/Jen about the ins! But I already ranted about that on Sherry's blog...

I hope AF stays away from you. I feel she's imminent here too. Not too excited about seeing her.

If his aunt didn't tell you- drink lots of water when you do a massage. Working the muscles releases toxins & you need to get them out. Glad you liked it though. :)