So it's officially Lent. And for the first time in a few years I am giving something up for these 40 days. And that thing is: swearing. I'd like to give up infertility for Lent but I don't know how, I already don't drink soda, and booze helps me deal with the IF, so swearing it is!

I never used to swear so much, and lately I've been sounding more like a sailor than a lady. I don't even know where I come up with some of the things I say, except that sometimes I actually try to say the most gutter-mouthiest thing I can think of to try to express my frustration. Not really a good thing. And even hubs, the epitome of "bad Catholic," has been scolding me for my blasphemy lately. He's right. It needs to stop. And I might as well attempt to stop ALL of my foul language at once, not just the blasphemy (which is of course the worst).

I am allowing myself the use of "hell" though. It's in the Bible, after all, so it can't be that bad. ;)

I'm trying to come up with some satisfying replacement words and phrases, so if you see anything totally off the wall in my posts, that should explain it. The only thing I've got so far is, "For the LOVE!" Which is suprisingly gratifying to say, especially in traffic. If you have any additional suggestions I'm all ears! I need to learn how to "use my words."

Oh yeah, and I do realize I swore once or twice in my earlier post today. Oops. And I said sh** out loud twice today. I should probably do some kind of penance for that... maybe my cramps will count for something, though.

Who else is giving something up for Lent?


elephantscanremember said...

Too bad we can't give up our infertility!

JJMARIE said...

I think I am going to give up swearing for Lent too! I have done it before, apparently it only lasts through lent LOL! I am going to try to get beyond it this time though. I love "for the love!" its from one of my all time favorite movies Tommy Boy! I don't think I will try substitutes though because even my substitutes begin to sound dirty like Mo Fo! or Fudge packer! or son of a whore haha that's a bad word! I mean son of a gun still doesn't sound good. I am going to try to go cold turkey :) happy Ash Wednesday! HOpe your cramps go away soon!

M said...

I like to use "Mother Munker!!" as an alternative to, well, I think you can guess. Or say "son of a Bee"... Just a few suggestions ;)

Steph O. said...

LOL at Sherry's comment! If we could give up IF for Lent, I might look into it.

I say "for the love of stupidity" a lot. Try "Spongebob" cussing, words like barnicles can be kinda fun to throw out there!

E said...

Hehe, I swear a lot too...and I don't know why. Sometimes I have to stop myself and say "really?" Did that sentence *really* need the F word in it??

My son says Snap. He said something funny the other day, but sorry...I don't remember.

Emily said...

I'm giving up swearing for lent as well. Like you, I've noticed my language probably does not sound like it should be coming from a lady's mouth! I blame it on working with all male coworkers who drop the f-bomb all day long. Nice! Good Luck!!

Allison said...

I use "for the LOVE" a lot.

Hmm... I refer you to the Orbitz commercial with the cheating husband. The one that starts "What the french, toast?" (which I think I first heard from you...) It's got some good ones. ;)

I would also like to give up infertility. Permanently. Fo' sho'.

Tanya said...

Well, funny you wrote about this because for the last 2 weeks I have been commenting to my hubs how much I have been swearing and I used to never even say D*mn. So I am also trying to stop swearing, I blame it on the infertility just like everything else.