Colds, vitamins, and IF

Nothing helps me remember to take my vitamins like being sick. I'm currently taking my prenatal, royal jelly, B complex (that's a new one), echinacea, EmergenC, and fish oil. My purse looks like a pharmacy.

I am hoping last night was the peak of my cold. I was miserable, and I seriously considered not coming to work today because of it. As it is I'm planning on leaving early. I just want this cold to be on its way out by Friday!

So for a while now I've been thinking that my LP is on the short side, have I ever mentioned that? I think it's about 11 or 12 days, since I normally don't get positive OPKs until CD15 or 16 in a 28 day C, and isn't that supposed to mean I don't actually O until a day or two after that? I decided to start taking a B complex to see if that helps me out at all. It can't hurt, right? Since there is apparently nothing wrong with me except a tiny bit of endo, I just want to do whatever I can to get this ball rolling already. And if that means I have to take every supplement known to man, then that's what I'll do!


Misty Dawn said...

I'm with you on that girl! Except I've not been taking fish oil b/c the RE gave me some Rx Prenates that have all the omega3's derived from plants so you don't get those nasty burps. Now all you need is a baby aspirin! I'm only taking 1/2 of what I was taking a year ago and every morning I think I'm forgetting to take a med. Get well soon! I love the emergenC packets they are wonderful. The only other thing you are missing is a sinucleanse or netipot, one not both of those things do wonders for my headcold, they are just called something diff by the manufacturer. Dh is now on the RJ train, toot, toot!

elephantscanremember said...

I hope you feel better very soon.

Let me know how the royal jelly works for you. I may give it a shot eventually.

My lp is about the same length as yours. I even take the super B complex. My body is just stupid, though.

E said...

I took Flax seed oil instead of fish. My tummy couldn't handle the fish oil.

Also I agree add a baby aspirin.

I hope your cold gets better. I was so miserable with mine.

-my husband grows cotton- said...

Hope your cold gets better!

I also took B vitamins and baby aspriin.