The balls (And some other pics)

Hey, check me out! I actually remembered to post photos! I figured while I was on a roll, I might as well post some others I've been meaning to show you as well.

First up: BALLS!
Here's the "egg." What'd I tell ya? Looks just like a ping pong ball right? Except for the metallic gold stamp of some Chinese characters of course.

And here's the egg after I cracked it open. You can sorta see the wax coating. Exciting!

And of course, the multitude of black balls. I should have counted sooner, but after I took several I counted and there were still 37 left! I'm thinking there's more like 50 in there. FIFTY!!

Okay, these are the "centerpieces" I put together for my friend A's non-engagement/engagement party. She and the groom wanted nothing resembling wedding-y, but I thought these were festive and also practical! Except that the flower boxes leaked, even though I lined them with plastic bags. Oops!

And finally, here's Atticus with his Easter Bow! He absolutely HATES having anything around his neck, so it was pretty funny watching him try to figure out how to take it off! But it was a HUGE pain getting a photo of both his face and the bow. I have like 30 pictures of his back and side now. (I know, I'm a weird cat lady.)

Have a great night!


Sooz said...

Happy ICLW!

I'm also doing acupuncture and was doing herbs and I had the exact same balls as you (hehehe...sorry, very immature humor).

I wanted to wish you luck with the alternative meds! It's worked for a lot of people I know.

Sarah said...

Good thing you didn't try and eat that whole egg!

Claire said...

Hi. I'm here from ICLW. Lovin' your balls!

Misty Dawn said...

That is strange!! I just read your last post, I couldn't imagine taking 30 pills at once. Love the pics! You should post some more often! Great idea for the center pieces.

elephantscanremember said...

You've got some big balls! ;)

I really like the centerpieces. That's a great idea.

Poor kitty cat. He must be like my dogs when I try to put anything on them.

Marion said...

Hi! I'm a first time ICLW visitor! My sister had those same balls and acupunture and she got pregnant on her first month of TTC (I think she was on the meds and acupunture a few months before TTC) Let's hope it works as well for you as it did for her!

Kristin said...

Hehe, thank God you don't have to swallow the whole "egg". I would have loved seeing a picture of your face when you thought you would have to do that.

What a cute kitty. I'm impressed he even let you tie anything around his neck.


tracy said...

Thats one of the most interesting/weirdest "herbs" ive ever seen! I can't wait to find out what they are supposed to do for ya. That'd be so rad if that egg herb did the trick, so you can tell everyone you got prego by eating balls.

Scott and I forgot to put on the kitties' Easter bunny ears this year. Lucky them I guess!

Sweet Pea said...

Those are some big balls ! what is in them ?

Atticus looks so sweet yet sassy !

Browniris said...

I love the centerpiece idea...so creative and darling!

Happy ICLW!

Heather said...

Are those things hard to swallow? They kind of remind me of fruit seeds.
CUTE centerpieces. Perfectly not weddingish.

-K said...

Great photos and great blog, can't wait to read more. I'm your newest follower from IComLeavWe.


Christina said...

I'm glad you get to break apart the ball, it would have sucked if they left that part out when explaining them to you!

Atticus is adorable, or I guess I should say handsome, with his Easter bow.

^J^ said...

Love the centerpieces! I never would have thought of planter boxes!!

Cute kitty....and may I say, that's a lot of balls to take. Better you than me!

Terry Elisabeth said...

Oh boy. I wouldn't like swallowing those eggs. Cute cat !!

Steph O. said...

Those eggs look freaky! Happy swallowing though.

I'll bet a video of Atticus coming to peace with the bow would've been histerical! Yes, it's part of being a cat person, we slightly annoy their majesties for our amusement. It's great! :)

Amber said...

Those balls sure do look interesting! I can't wait to hear what they are supposed to do!

And as for the weird cat lady thing? I do the same thing with my cat and dog! I actually bought them antlers for Christmas.

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