A case of the Mondays

It's day 30 and this freakin' C can end any time now!

I tested yesterday morning at 5:30 with FMU and a cheapie dip stick HPT from the web. I stared and stared at that sucker but, as per usual, there wasn't even a hint of a shadow of a part of a line. So I went back to bed and cried.

This was the first C in a while that I really thought I could be pg. Even though AF is a little late, I'm convinced she will be here. There's no point deluding myself otherwise. Yes, I'm very regular and she usually shows up between days 27-29, but I have had odd 31-32 day C's before. And I figure the Clomid could be jacking with me too. So I will continue to wait without hope.

Hubs and I had a nice weekend regardless. The wedding Saturday was beautiful and we danced our shoes off all night. Both of us were exhausted yesterday, and enjoyed a mellow lunch with my family celebrating my mom's 60th birthday. Afterwards we went home and played Ma.rio Ga.laxy on the Wii. (Fun game!)

Last week hubs and I scheduled some vacation time, and I'm just itching to take it. We're taking 3 days off next month for our anniversary and we'll probably go back up to the central coast for wine tasting. Either that or Vegas. Then in July we're going camping at the beach with hubs' family for an entire week. Normally we only go for 3 or 4 days, so we're super excited to have a WHOLE WEEK of doing nothing but lying on the beach, reading, eating and drinking margaritas to look forward to. I also took off an additional week in July because I have to take 2 weeks off in a row at my work. Hubs took a few extra days too so we can celebrate my birthday the week before we go camping.

Sorry I'm boring today. I just want stupid AF to get here so I can close the stupid book on this stupid C already. It's bringing me down! Oh well. Acupuncture tomorrow. Maybe that will open up the flood gates if she hasn't shown up by then.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry Kitty. I know how it is to get your hopes up...maybe just maybe AF won't show up.

Glad to hear you had a good weekend ! And yippee for vacation time, sounds like you have some nice things planned.

^J^ said...

SO sorry about your stupid C. (((hugs))) I am glad you had a good weekend, none the less!

Weird, we have a lot in common - My mom, is turing sixty this week and our anniversary is next month as well, AND we are also going camping! How odd is that, were we seperated at birth?!?!?

elephantscanremember said...

(Hugs) I hope your cycle ends soon, preferably with good news, though!

My mom will be 60 this month too, a week after my birthday.

Misty Dawn said...

Hey girl I'm so with you! Sick of BFN's and ready for AF. Ugh. I'm glad you had fun at the wedding.

tracy said...

((hugs)) if you feel like company today, let me know and we can get lunch together, and/or "happy" hour.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am jealous of your vacation time coming up. And I am so sorry that it's a horrid Monday. (((HUGS))

Steph O. said...

I'm sorry you're having a bad day. It seems to be going around. We probably discussed this last year, but when in May is your anniversary. We're the 12th & (if i manage not to kill him before then) it'll be 9 yrs.

Kitty said...

Thanks for your kind comments ladies! Still no sign of the witch :P

J - did you decide where you are going camping?

Heather - that is exactly what I was going for, LOL. "Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays" was just too long! Haha!

Steph - ours is the 12th also! Great day to get married! :)

Sarah said...

Vacation time sounds lovely! Mine is not until July...and I am ready for it now!!
Sorry that she's taking her sweet time! Hang in there.

E said...

Sorry about the negative test. That stinks big time. I have heard of Clomid extending a cycle a big longer.

Thank God it is not Monday anymore, huh?

Your vacation sounds wonderful!