The things we do

I'm sitting at my desk with a still slightly upset stomach (but I am really feeling a LOT better today, thanks for the well-wishes) attempting to take a dose of my balls. I'm not sure I'll make it all the way through. I've been working on swallowing them for about an hour now.

You're wondering why on God's green earth I would subject myself to the balls after spending 2 days with stomach nastiness, and when I'm still not 100% recovered, right? Well here's why: yesterday I think I felt O pains. It's been so long since I felt them for sure that I don't really know if that's what it was, but I think it was. And I thought, "Maybe the balls are working!" But I hadn't taken them since Sunday and I didn't want to ruin my chances, so I very determinedly decided to start up again with them today.

And now I'm moaning quietly at my desk. And still very slowly popping two at a time in my mouth.


Maybe I can convince myself it's not so bad. Really. It's not so bad. Only 24 more to go. Oh my good God, I'm only halfway done???

But no pressure. If I absolutely must stop, I will. 21 left. That's right, I just took 3 at a time! I can totally do this.

Double ugh... those might have been my last 3. Seriously. How can such tiny little things be so hard to swallow??

Standing up seems to help, maybe I should walk around for a minute...

Two more down the hatch. Maybe it's the water that's upsetting my stomach? If I could take them without water I would. Water always hurts my stomach when it's already upset...

If you didn't think I was an idiot the other day, I bet you're changing your mind now, huh?


elephantscanremember said...

You're quite devoted, I must say.

I hope those balls do the trick for you. ;)

Niki said...

No I wouldn't say idiot. I would use the word determined!

Good luck!

JJMARIE said...

Kitty hope you feel better soon! I know when I was taking herbs from the acupuncturist I got some nasty runs (sorry tmi). Anyhow, she ended up changing my prescription. Have you checked to see if it could be the herbs? Or if there is something you can do like eat before you take them or something that might help your stomach? Just a suggestion. I really hope they work for you and you won't have to do them next cycle. Sending you BIG O vibes!!!

Anonymous said...

ROFL ! What is in these magic balls that you are a taken ?

I hope you are feeling better !!

Christina said...

It's so funny to read your post with all the references to "your balls"!