Friday randomness

Has anyone ever been so relieved for a Friday to finally roll around?? I haven't in a long time! What a week; I'm more than glad to see it go! Just over an hour now, and it will officially be the weekend...

What are your plans for this weekend? It looks like it's going to be sunny here, though not quite as warm as I'd like. This chilly weather is lasting way longer than usual. I'm tired of sweaters and ready for tank tops! Hurry up, summer!

Tomorrow, hubs and I are going to my niece's Bat Mitzvah. We're really excited since we've never been to any kind of Mitzvah before (although I'm a bit sad my little niecey is a teenager already! *Sniff*). Of course the luncheon and dancing portion of the day will be fun, but I'm really interested to see what the service will be like. I'm looking forward to it.

Sunday we'll be doing yard work... again! We really need to get a move on, there's still a lot to do before Beer Fest. Hopefully it will be warm enough to get a little sun too, my pasty skin needs some color!

I've been thinking about writing a What IF, but I've just had no inspiration. I would really like to do it, but I want what I write to be genuine, not forced. But I'm also running out of time! If I do it at all it will have to be today. Maybe I'll try to sit down with a glass of wine when I get home and see if that helps. Wine is usually pretty good for inspiration ;)

I know I've been slacking on commenting this week, and I'm sorry. I have been reading everyone's blogs faithfully, though. I'll pick it up from now on, promise!

Happy Friday!


-my husband grows cotton- said...

I have been slacking up on blogging/commenting too. I hope you have a great weekend!

We don't have any plans...just hanging out :)

elephantscanremember said...

I may work tomorrow. Our work situation has changed a bit.

Yep! My anniversary is May 12th. Hopefully we will get the best news. What a present.