My morning, the weekend, and unconditional surrender

Atticus is on my sh*t list today. (Yeah, Lent is over and I'm already back to my old bad habits and sailor mouth. But I have cut back a lot on my swearing, overall.) He likes to watch me iron, something about the back and forth motion and the cord wiggling around simply fascinates him. He'll sit on this little cabinet right next to the ironing board and just stare.

And sometimes, get really wound up.

And his pupils get dialated.

And his tail starts flipping around all crazy-like.

Normally I'm able to stop him and kick him out of the room before any of us get hurt, but not today. Today my hand was right in front of him while he was getting agitated, so he sank his claws into it! I'm now the proud owner of a bright red, bleeding, 2 and a half inch scratch from my pinky almost to my wrist. (I know it's 2.5 inches because I'm a dork and I measured. And if you don't think 2.5 inches is a long scratch, then check your ruler, cuz it is!)


So I'm in a bad mood today. I was 10 minute late to work, I feel AF heading my direction, and the back of my hand stings! Boo-hoo.

But it's Friday, and I will somehow muddle through.

In addition to the wedding this weekend (for which I still have no idea what to wear), we're also celebrating my mom's 60th birthday on Sunday. My brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and me and hubs are all heading to my parents' house for lunch, catered by our favorite Mexican restaurant. Yum! And tonight hubs and I may be heading downtown to watch a friend's band play (R, of the engaged couple A&R). I swear he's going to be famous one day, he's an amazing musician. Should be fun.

Final thought: I'm going to try not to think about this C anymore. It's all fine and dandy to be optimistic and hopeful the first 3 weeks of my cycle, but that's about all I can muster! I only have about one cup left of my optimism tea and I don't think it's gonna do the trick today. So bring it on AF, I surrender.


elephantscanremember said...

(Hugs) That's quite a raunchy way to start the morning! I hope your day gets better and you fully enjoy your weekend.

Heather said...

Ow! Cat scratches hurt! And so do little dog scratches!
Hope you enjoy the wedding, should be beautiful weather. You and me both, I'm just trying to not even think about this cycle. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

E said...

Sounds like you are going to have a FUN filled weekend!! awesome.

Oooh bad kitty!!

Sweet Pea said...

Damn Cat !

Repeat after me..This too shall pass, this too shall pass...


Misty Dawn said...

Gizmo does the same thing! He gets really excited if what I'm ironing has strings dangling. I don't have to worry about claws b/c neither of my cats have them. :) Sorry for your boo-boo. Wear a cute black dress to the wedding! Have a good w/e. Hey don't surrender yet, you didn't even POAS. LOL

Daisy83808 said...

I hate the AF mind tricks. I love the picture of the monkey with the white flag. How funny! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy!

Kate said...

Man... it must have been the day for bad starts - I had one too.

Forgetting about this C for the weekend (as tough as it may be) is a good idea - have a good time at the wedding and party and get back on the wagon Monday.

nholdorf said...

Cat scratches are the worst. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and just relax and have fun.