Game night

Last night hubs and I went to my brother and SIL's for game night. I'm liking our new once-a-week tradition more and more each time we go. My niece knows hubs and I better because of it, which is wonderful. My younger brother rents a room there, so I get to see him a lot more than I would otherwise too (well, when he's not too busy with his WOW raids).

My older brother, C, and particularly my SIL, L, are the only ones in the family who regularly ask about our TTC journey/IF. L is very opinionated and outspoken, but also extremly caring and considerate. We got to talking about my acu appointment and the possibility of an RE visit on the horizon. She very enthusiastically encouraged hubs and I to get on it, and because of that I think we actually might go sooner than anticipated. I think L is around 3 months pg now, and was really hoping I would be pg along with her this time. So was I. I suppose there's still a chance for that, however tiny.

I'm feeling somewhat better today. Between yesterday's venting, your wonderful support (thank you!), and hanging out with hubs and my sibs last night, I think I'm coming out of my funk. Just in time for the weekend, not that we have much planned. We'll probably work on the back yard and clean the house. So exciting!

Happy Friday :)


Anonymous said...

Your SIL sounds like a wonderful supportive person,you are lucky to have her in your life !

I am HAPPY that you also got to enjoy game night + see the family too. Hope you have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry you had a hard day yesterday!!! Family night sounds like a blast. I hope you have a good weekend. I will be doing chores and yard work as well.

^J^ said...

Yay for family time! I wish we had a weekly game night or something similar. Maybe when my SIL gets moved into our neighboorhood. I'm glad your niece is getting to know and hang out with you & hubs, that is the best!