We need more three day weekends

This weekend was one of those that you wish would never end. Hubs actually said that he wanted to call in sick today and do yesterday all over again. So do I! We didn't do anything particularly special, it was just nice, mellow, and fun.

Saturday hubs had to work, so I went and got the invitations printed for my friend T's bridal shower. They came out FABULOUS, if I do say so myself! I'd post a picture of them but she reads this blog and I told her she can't see it until she gets hers in the mail. Hint: The shower is "Tuscan" themed.

Once hubs got off work we went to lunch with two other friends at this particularly yummy teppan steak house - ya know, the kind of place where they cook all your food in front of you, light stuff on fire, etc. We call it "chop-chop" for short. Silly, I know. Anyway, this place was great! Much tastier than the place we normally go for chop-chop. :) After lunch we cleaned the house, then spent the rest of the day at restaurants on the beach, having drinks and dessert (can you say chocolate volcano souffle? Heavenly!). Mmm... any day that revolves around food and drinks is pretty much the perfect day to me!

We managed to get to bed early Saturday night and actually got up at a somewhat decent hour on Sunday. Hubs and I have a habit of sleeping in until 10 or so on Sundays, but yesterday we got up before 9! A miracle! So we went out and got donuts and coffee to celebrate. We did some yard work, and then spent the afternoon lying out in the sun in the back yard. Poor hubs fried his back, and I have a super cute white heart on my red chest courtesy of my necklace! Oops!! Oh well, minor irritations. Later, we played some Super Mario Galaxy, then just relaxed with the boob tube until bed time.

Unfortunately, now it's back to the grind! I'm dealing with a little nuptial drama too, which doesn't help the fact that it's Monday. Ugh... 4 more weeks until my next vacation day. But only 4 and 3/4 more days until the weekend!


Sweet Pea said...

Yeah for fabulous weekends ! Sounds like you two had a rip-roaring good time ! Hope you have many more of them all the time girl !

E said...

Glad you had a nice weekend and YES I can say chocolate volcano souffle. I want to eat this.