My semi-psychic powers

I have this theory that I'm a little bit psychic. I get "feelings" about certain things. It's probably just standard-issue intuition, but it's fun thinking I have a tiny bit of ESP.

Mostly my feelings are limited to unimportant things. Like, I can usually tell if the Dodgers are going to win a given game. It has also worked for football games, which I rarely watch. But there have been two or three times I've had strong feelings about some IFers getting pregnant, and I was right. (I also have a very strong feeling that my SIL is carrying a boy, and I never guess baby gender right, but I've also never had a feeling about it, so we'll see in a couple months...)

Not surprisingly, I can't force the feelings; it either happens or it doesn't. And I can't really try to "ask" it anything either. Like, "Will I get pregnant this month?" usually yields me nothing.

But I've always had a feeling that I will eventually get pregnant. I don't know when or how, but I feel like it's out there. Of course, I've been wrong before. And it seems like the more I think about it, the less I feel sure of it. It's sometimes hard to tell if I just really, really want (or don't want) something to happen or if it's actually intuition, or premonition, or what have you.

Anyway, I'm ready for this 1WW to be over now. I'm analyzing everything and making myself crazy. Today for example - my boobs don't hurt, I still have a bunch of lotiony/creamy CM (it didn't dry up like I previously thought), and I am irritable as hell. Oh and I think I have some cramps forming now, a couple days later than usual. I want to believe some of these are good signs, but who knows? And I have a feeling that I WILL be starting acupuncture for fertility next week, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high.

Then again, maybe my "feelings" don't mean anything at all!


elephantscanremember said...

I hope you are pregnant and won't have to mess with acupuncture at all!

Heather said...

Is it possible we are related? I am the same way! I have feelings that certain teams will win stuff too! In fact in that march madness thing I picked 62 teams that were all correct. Except for the last game. DH is in love with Duke and I chose someone else to win (just to spite him).
I think as long as you have that feeling that you will one day be pregnant I think anythings possible. Good luck! My AF is due to show any time in the next few days. Hopefully it won't. And it won't play a trick on me by starting later then usual.

MotherHen said...

I have had my psychic moments too. I've told people where things are without even knowing them and I was right. Example- at the pool a lady was frantically looking for her keys and for some reason I felt like they were in her daughter's sweater hood. She gave me a funny look when I told her but sure enough that was where they were.
I've also asked two people if they were pregnant because I felt like they were and a week later they both found out they were. Honestly it was there boobs they seemed bigger than normal, it wouldn't t have taken much of a psychic- just someone that sees details. So speaking of boobs do yours seem more full? Do you feel sleepy suddenly during the day? I am so hopeful for you. I too believe it's gonna happen for you, just no telling when.
Ps proofreading is a beeotch when I am using my phone. Sorry for any typos and spelling mistakes! I can't scroll to find them!

NinJane said...

yeah i'm hoping you'll be able to skip the acupuncture. love the ESP theory though. ESP sounds better than intuition anyway. LOL

E said...

I have "felt" certain things before too. Kind of a strange feeling. Last time I was pregnant I just knew. I never used to test at all, I would just wait for AF but that time I tested a few days early and I was right. It was a strange feeling.

I hope you get a positive very very soon!!

Kate said...

Sometimes you have to trust your intuition - especially when it's random and comes at unusual times. So, even if this cycle isn't it (but I REALLY hope it is), you will be pregnant soon!

Misty Dawn said...

It would be wonderful if RJ worked for you this C!! When are u testing?? Sounds like some great symptoms. Hey, how do you feel about me getting PG. . . . LOL Prob not ever in a million years.