All the thoughts in my head

I am so out of the loop. To be honest, I do most of my blogging at work because I pretty much make my own schedule. But since C has been out on bereavement I've been covering her desk, which is ruled by the clock. So for those inquiring minds, here's what I've been up to this past week:

- First things first: The BD fest is over. I believe I Oed on CD16 and today is CD20, so now I'm just waiting. I got myself all excited over my super sore bbs the other day (if you hadn't noticed) and since then it's gone downhill. My current status is: not holding my breath/trying not to think about it.

- Friday was the viewing for C's husband, and Saturday was the funeral. Both were very sad, but nice ceremonies. It's strange that his passing has affected me so much, I suppose, considering I didn't know him very well. I still get teary thinking about it. I think for the most part I am just so sad for C's loss. But it has put things into perspective for me, too - I obsess over TTC and constantly worry that I'll never get pregnant. I guess I just feel like I should try to live in the moment a little more, and be grateful for what I do have, ya know? That's probably pretty common after an unexpected death, especially of someone so young.

- The weekend was really busy, but Saturday was an absolutely insane day. Here's how it went: Got up at 5:15 to go to work dressed in funeral attire, and did testing from 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. Went straight from work to the funeral where I met up with hubs. Went to breakfast afterwards, then to Lo.we's to attempt to buy a new front door (no dice - and I'm still SO SAD about that!). Headed home and hung out with hubs and a friend until it was time for girl's night at Katherine's, where we drank wine and played Wii. Also where Katherine whacked me in the back of the head (hard!) with her Wii controller (by accident of course). Left Katherine's and headed to another friend's house to meet up with the hubs again. We didn't get home until after midnight, and of course had to squeeze in one more BD session too! What can I say? We are determined.

- Sunday was much more mellow. We slept in then made breakfast out of whatever was left in the fridge. We had 2 eggs, a few pieces of bacon, some cheese and hamburger buns, so we decided to make breakfast sandwiches. To make the eggs fit on the bun we fried them inside a cookie cutter - which was the shape of a teddy bear. So we coined our breakfast creation the "Von Ruxpin" (y'know, like this guy). I took pictures but then the battery died on my camera and I haven't been able to upload them. Anyway, it was delicious and really cute. After that we did some wine and food tasting at a local wine shop with some friends.

- This week I am in training mode. I've got 3 more branches to train on this system, all 6 to go live starting next week, and one more disaster recovery test to get through in two weeks, and then (hopefully) I'll have a nice calm December at work. I seriously can't wait for November to be over already!! I'm almost looking forward to my LAP just so I can have a few days to rest. Oh yeah, and did I mention I found out I'm getting 2 more direct reports starting December 1st? I'm happy about that though, :) it's job security! And I like the girls who will be reporting to me.

- Tonight we're making the final insurance decision, I think I'll be switching to the plan offered by my work that pays 50% of IF diagnosis. Plus, I think it's cheaper than what we're paying now to cover me under hubs' plan through his work, so that will be nice.

Okay now I'm just babbling. If you made it all the way through this meandering post, then pat yourself on the back and give yourself a cookie. It's been a long day and I'm exhausted. I think I might just mess around online for a while until it's time to go home. Have a great evening!


E said...

That is really sad about C's husband!

M said...

wanna come over tomorrow morning and make me a teddy ruxpin sandwich?? You guys are hilarious. p.s. i loved that show growing up. I can still picture the "Octopede Shuffle"

On a serious note, that is so awful about your coworkers husband. Makes you realize how life is so short and to try live in the moment. (((HUGS))) I'm crossing my fingers that your BD fest pays off!!!!

elephantscanremember said...

I am so sorry for your friend. Give her a collective hug from all of us. Let her know she's in our prayers.

You are one busy gal!

And that was a good cookie and thankfully, my arm is long enough to pat my own back. ;)

^J^ said...

Sorry for C's loss. Unexpected deaths are very hard on everyone. Just 4 years ago my brother died after a motorcycle accident. He was only 31. I miss him so much & think about him everyday.

Sounds like you had a hectic week. Hope it slows down a bit for you.

Steph O. said...

What a busy w/e! I know what you mean about tradgedies like that making you think about what's really important in your own life.

Woohoo on the new work stuff! :)

Emily said...

You are one busy girl! Hope BD of November '09 is one to remember!! =)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your coworkers hubby. Makes you cherish what you have.

ROFL about your "Von Ruxpins" , we also have a breakfast sandwich we dubbed the Mc(our last name) which is also known as a #1, a #2 comes with hashbrowns and a #3 comes with bacon...we are such DORKS !

Get some rest girl!