Weekend and workin'

This weekend seemed simultaneously long and short. Friday was such a mellow day at work that I hardly count it as a week day. I spent it in the wire room with my employee, E, and once we got all our work done we turned on The Goonies. She had never seen it before, can you believe that? Hubs said I should have made her do the Truffle Shuffle, haha. Hmm... I don't even remember what hubs and I did on Friday night! But Saturday and Sunday we were busy. We started seriously working on the window frames that have needed to be spackled and painted ever since we bought the house. I managed to completely finish our front window, which is 6' x 6' with a wooden grid. It took me almost 2 hours just to tape it off, then over an hour for each layer of primer and paint, but it looks great now! And now I get to order new curtains to replace the chintzy ones I've had up for a year and a half. The rest of the windows will get finished this week. We're finally ordering blinds for the other set of living room windows, and I'm making curtains for the kitchen and office. I can't wait! Hopefully that will make our house feel a little more "finished." Although, who am I kidding? We still have a LOT more work to do before it can even begin to be considered "finished!"

Saturday night we went to hubs' grandma's for Thanksgiving Dinner Part II. It was nice, we played with our little nieces and cousins, had some yummy Mexican food, and chatted with BIL and SIL. Afterwards we had a birthday party to go to - for my friend who was MOH in my wedding. We've let our friendship slack a lot over the past few years and hanging out with her reminded me how much I miss her. The party was great, it was a James Bond theme and she had each room in her apartment set up beautifully. The living room was for mingling of course, and the kitchen was the martini bar. She and her roommate moved their beds out of the bedrooms and set one room up with some armchairs and a loveseat with a movie projected on one wall (James Bond, of course). The other bedroom was the casino, with two card tables and chairs. Everything sparkled with candle light and looked so amazing. It was really fun! I got to talk with my friend a little, and am hopeful that we can rejuvenate our friendship once again.

So now, it's back to work we go, huh? I have been kind of wary of this week for a couple of reasons. Starting tomorrow, I have another two employees reporting to me. They work in a different department that works pretty closely with mine. I don't think it's going to be too difficult or anything, but it's a big change and that's a little scary! Also, one of the ladies who will be reporting to me is my cube neighbor who just returned from her maternity leave today. I'm thankful they didn't put me in charge while she was still pregnant; I have to admit I'm a little afraid of how the dynamic between us will be now. When we were both TTC (she tried for about 6 months) we talked all the time. I actually gave her tips on how to properly time BDing and then she promptly got her BFP. When she got pregnant it got awkward (for me) and we weren't quite as chatty anymore. Now I'm going to be her "boss." Although, honestly, I am not much of a manager! I take more the, "I'm here to support you" role than the, "I'm here to tell you what to do" role. So hopefully it won't be too weird.

That's my life right now. I'm also counting down the days until my LAP next Thursday. I can't believe it's actually going to happen. It's funny, most people say, "I hope they don't find anything!" But I'm hoping they DO find something - and that they can fix it. The unknown really sucks, and I think I'll be really bummed if it turns out "normal." I am so tired of hearing that. Obviously I'm NOT normal, just tell me what's wrong already! Of course, I also don't want to hear, "You have severe endo and it's unlikely you'll ever get pg." Ugh. I guess I will find out one way or another next week right? Oh - those of you who had the LAP, did your doctor tell you right away what the findings were or did you have to wait a few days for an official report?

Okay, hopefully these three lovely ladies will stop sharing their birth stories soon and I can get some work done. I hope you're all having a great Monday! It will go by quick!!


E said...

Holy Crapola your lap is next week? I didn't realize it was so soon. My doctor told me in the recovery room that I was completely fine. However, I do know someone...I think it was Gabsy, who had to wait to hear her full results.

It is frustrating as ALL HELL when they can't find anything wrong. That pit of unknowing just seems to suck you in.

You and your hubby sound like you are very social and have a lot of friends. That is good ;) I need to be more social.

Caitlin said...

OMG I can't believe how much time has flewn. Your lap is next Thurs??

After my lap (1 and 2) I was so out of it, they told my hubby what was wrong. Of course, he is a guy and doesn't understand a lot of the gyn language so I really got all of the dirty details at my post op appointment. You will do fine, and I hope they find something miniscule that can be fixed right away. :)

Lookingforaplussign said...

yikes! Our laps are next week already? Thanks for the reminder. I imagine that some of my post-op concerns will be the knowing; I already know that I've got something brewing in the ute--my US showed a polyp or something, so I am hoping that is all and not endo.