How's the weather?

Let's talk about the weather. Why not? :)

The thing I like about late fall and winter is that it finally cools off. Living in southern California, we don't get much variation between the seasons. The coldest I think I've ever seen it around here is in the 30's, and I'm talking overnight lows. There was one morning last winter when the dew on everything froze and that was a serious anomoly! I had no idea how to get the ice off of my windshield, and when I got to work I almost fell in the parking lot slipping across the ice. Weird!

The past few days it's been incredibly dry here. My poor hands are so sore! And today seems even drier than it has been. I've shocked myself multiple times on my car, and it hurt every time! I can't wait for the dry, clear sky to be replaced by clouds and rain, but that probably won't happen for several more weeks. Here's hopin'... Dry weather is never good here, this is fire season.

I am honestly curious: How's the weather where you live?


E said...

Right now the weather is gorgeous. It is in the 60s with pretty fall foliage everywhere. But, this place is weird and the temperature fluctates like crazy.

elephantscanremember said...

The weather is much cooler here now. The days warm up to 70 sometimes and it gets down to mid 40s at night.

Anonymous said...

I live in northern-ish CA, we have been having very dry weather for this time of year. During the days it's in the 60's and in the night, it's in the upper 30's.

I must say, I can't wait until the rain starts.

Mrs Bee said...

I live in Queensland, Australia...
It's spring...and 40c here today. (that's 104 for you guys!)
with 100% humidity.

I'm not looking forward to summer.
It's going to be disgusting.

I would happily live somewhere cold.
Nicer clothes!


Emily said...

I live close to E, so our weather is similar. In MD we have seasons! I love the change of seasons! Fall is my favorite and it seems we are having a bit of an Indian Summer right now. I haven't had to turn the heat on yet! (Yay for saving $$$)!! I look forward to each season!!! I can't believe you are wishing for rain, but I hope it comes soon!

Christina said...

The weather in Florida is hot as hell! The high has been in the high 80s and it's so humid. We have a "cool" front coming next week where the high will be in the low 80s.

Misty Dawn said...

In SC its in the 70's and cloudy which isn't too bad, could be worse I suppose.