Today is CD5 and the witch is already dead. My normal periods last a solid 7 days. This one started Thursday fairly heavily, then gradually tapered off until Saturday night when it apparently stopped altogether. Only 3 days. I had some pinkish CM yesterday and this morning and that's it - not even enough to be considered spotting.

Given the wacky periods this month and back in July, and the weird OPKs this C (hubs says he saw a + on the one I forgot to check, but I don't know for sure) I'm worried that I'm not ovulating regularly. Not to beat a dead horse or anything, it's just freaking me out! I have my annual with my GP on Thursday, so I guess I'll add this to my list of stuff to talk to her about. Ugh. I just don't need anything else to worry about.


E said...

I went through a similiar thing where I couldn't get my OPKS to turn positive. I starting taking 2 a day until I discovered it was the ones at night after I slowed down my liquid intake that would actually give me a good reading. The test line never seemed to be darker than the control line like they said, but I knew if it was the same color it was a positive.

Anonymous said...

Aren't our bodies crazy? Just when you think you are "normal"...wham...you get hit with something else. I am sorry this cycle was strange. I hope it all works out!

Christina said...

I use to have AF's like that too but I never figured out what the deal was. Sometimes I'd only have it for 3 days.