I'm bored

And boring. Therefore, this post will most likely be boring too. Sorry about that.

It's CD27. Although I don't have my usual pre-AF cramps and moodiness (yet), I do feel pretty pre-menstrual. I have that heavy uterus feeling, like AF is comin' 'round the mountain. Boo. I must admit that I was secretly (okay, more like overtly) hoping that this C would be THE C, and that I wouldn't have to get my LAP done in 2 weeks. I still have a glimmer of hope, but I'm not holding my breath by any means. And surprisingly, I'm not that down about it. Probably because it's Thanksgiving and I have other things on my mind. Of course, ask me how I'm feeling once AF makes her appearance and I'll be singing a whole different tune.

My neck is still bugging me, although it's a lot better than it has been. I think I'll be making another trip to the chiro soon. He did say he would be there all this week except Thursday, so that's nice. And I FINALLY made an appointment to get my blood drawn for my dang Celiac test! I only got the orders for it like 2 weeks ago... but well, it has been a little crazy at work with everything that's happened, so don't get on my case, okay?? :)

Oh good gravy, it's after 2:00 and I haven't gone to lunch yet. See, I told you it's been crazy around work! I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!


Allison said...

My dear Kitty, you are ANYTHING but boring. ;)

elephantscanremember said...

I keep forgetting you're two hours behind me. When you post about lunch, I think it's dinner time!

I hope with all my heart that af doesn't find you, but a bfp does.

Kate said...

Boring??? Not so much...

Hopefully the glimmer will turn into a bright light and surprise you.