Floating along...

I love me a short work week for one obvious reason - one less day of work! What I don't love about it is that somehow the universe seems to know that I'm only here four days this week, and therefore it must throw everything at me all at once!

So I'm taking myself a little pre-lunch blog break. The universe can just wait one gosh darn minute whilst I collect my thoughts, and then trasmit them to the interweb.

I've been kinda crampy for the past few days. Today is CD23, AF is due on Monday. Sadly, it's not unusual for me to be crampy several days before AF shows up, nor is it unusual for my boobs to hurt the way they do right now. Nor for me to snap at the hubs like I did last night about something really small, starting a fight before going to my brother and SIL's for game night. I take all this to mean that in about 5 days I'll be faced with another BFN.

Of course, that doesn't stop me from trying to send hints to my uterus and its contents. I rub my belly at night and think, "No pressure! But if a sperm and egg happened to have met up in the past few days, it would be great if you guys would go ahead an implant yourself in my nice warm uterus for a while! Kay, thanks!"

At one point, I had a doctor tell me that I am an "enigma." Well, last night hubs and I had this conversation after our fight:

Me: Sorry I'm so moody. I'm sure it's PMS, I've been crampy for days too. *Sigh* This sucks! (then a tiny glimmering moment of hope) But I guess you never know...
Hubs: That's true, you are an enigma.
Me: Yes - an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, inside of an Easter egg...
Hubs: Hidden by an old guy with Alzheimers.
Me: I suppose there's a slim chance the guy with Alzheimers will have a split second of clarity when he remembers where he hid that Easter egg. And the odds of that happening are the same as my odds of getting pregnant.


Heather said...

Hey lady, we are cycle buddies! AF for me is due on Sunday the day before my birthday. What a gift. And I've got the same exact symptoms, crampy and boobs are hurting. I haven't gotten a headache yet but I have bern pretty short with my husband. And I gave a feeling it will get worse tonight. His whole answer to everything (rather then just letting me cry and him hold me) is "well we switched insurance" like that will instantly solve all our issues.
Glad your week is short, I personally can't wait for the rest of this week and all of next are distant memories. A crampy, tired, annoyed birthday is what I have to look forward too.

E said...

I remember all too well those days leading up to AF and the cramps and moodiness and the depression that always come with it.

I wish things could change for you..for all of you.

Meanwhile I will continue to hope Mother Nature does NOT bring you your gift this month ;) as far as I'm concerned she can take it back where it came from for good or at least for 9 months.

Steph O. said...

PMS sucks! I've heard of women say that they were sure AF was going to start & got a BFP instead though. At least you & hubs can have a laugh with it. (i come from a family that uses humor to get through difficult things. it doesn't make sense to everyone, but somehow if you can laugh at a problem, it doesn't seem as scary.)

Kate said...

I nearly laughed out loud at the 'hidden by a guy with Alzheimers'!

I've nearly given up on short weeks - it seems that fate always has a ticking time bomb waiting for me on the Tuesday after a Monday off... it's always a bugger!

Allison said...

STAY AWAY, AF!! sigh. IF sucks. Knowing your body so well sucks.

But I'm holding out hope for you, Kitty.

M said...

Love the conversation, you and Aaron sound so clever and witty, I'm sure hanging out with you is a blast. Too bad we all live so far from each other *sigh*

I'm holding on to hope for you! Praying that AF stays AWAY!