Just babbling

I take my last Clomid pill today, it's CD9. I haven't really had any side effects thus far, maybe just a little moodiness. Not too much worse than usual though ;) I'm still taking my Fertilitea and Positivitea, as I've named my two hippie teas. Yes, they have actual names but my names help me keep them straight. Who's going to remember what "Synergy" and "Festival Blend" mean? (Okay, I probably could, but where's the fun in that?)

Hubs and I had a great weekend together. We mapped out part of our vision for the back yard and bought some supplies to get started, then spent half the day Sunday digging and weeding out what will be our planters. We went for a bike ride, hung out with friends, and hung out with each other. It was fun, productive, and active. And for the first time in a while, TTC and IF weren't the #1 things on my mind every minute of the day. Maybe more like the #2 or #3 things, and maybe for only 30% of the time, but still. I think that's progress.

It was nice feeling like I could get to a place where I can let go a little. Since hubs and I are coming up on the BD part of the month, I need to get started with the OPKs soon. I don't really want to use them because they stress me out, and I've been enjoying my less-stressed attitude! But I feel like I should since I'm on Clomid. Maybe I'll just do it and make hubs check the results every day. Think that'll work? Works for me... :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, be sure to take some pics of your backyard !

Glad to hear the clomid is treating you well. I pray that this will be your month Kitty :) !


Kate said...

Mine would be absoutely grossed out by having to read the results of a pee stick OPK - it would be worth it for the laugh though!

Congrats on accomplishing a relatively stress free realm for yourself - enjoy it!

E said...

If they stress you out, I wouldn't bother. Just BD every other day for a week during your "fertile" period and hope for the best. Really that is all that is needed.

Glad to hear you had a nice weekend and got a reprieve from IF. I used to love the first 2 weeks of my cycle and dreaded the last 2. So stressful and emotional.

elephantscanremember said...

I am glad you were able to enjoy yourselves, you deserve that.

Good luck with this cycle. Fingers crossed!

(I o'ed later than normal on 100mg Clomid. I don't know why.)

Anonymous said...

I am glad clomd is not causing any problems. Good luck this cycle :)

Steph O. said...

Sounds like a fun w/e! I want to be back in a house sooo badly! I actually miss the never-ending list of projects & improvements.

Let's go Clomid, let's go!