My mother and sleepless nights

I'm feeling a little down in the dumps today. Last night at dinner with my family, my sister tells me that at 38 she was the youngest person she knew to start perimenopause (she's 40 now). Then my mom chimes in that, nope, my sister wasn't alone! She, too, started perimenopause at 38.

My mom does this. She unwittingly withholds family medical history that is/could be relevant to her children's lives (read: MY LIFE!) until it randomly comes up in a conversation. And it drives me banana freaking sandwich.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but if the fertiles in my immediate family started perimenopause young, I don't stand a chance of conceiving past my mid-thirties. Maybe hubs and I are being stupid for trying to pay off debt and save up money before seeing an RE. Maybe we should just be racking up MORE debt, because paying it back doesn't depend on the state of my eggs!!

Ugh. My mood is worsened by the fact that hubs caught my cold and has been sawing logs all night for the past few nights. I'm not a heavy sleeper. I wake up every time the snoring starts. And it doesn't matter whether he's on his back, stomach or side, he's snoring. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight and at least get a few hours in before he drifts into that magical deep snoring slumber... Or better yet, his cold will clear up today and he'll be able to breathe normally! I've hoped for far sillier things, like getting pregnant naturally... every month for the past two years...

Time to trudge through Monday. One good thing - I have leftovers from last night's dinner for lunch today - Greek Spaghetti. I'll have to get the recipe for you ladies because it is nothing short of divine.


Heather said...

Yum, I'm excited for this recipe! Sounds really good!
I'm not sure what you should do (sorry, I'm not more of a help). But I do remember my parents telling me (when my DH and I were thinking of putting off having kids because we couldn't afford it) and the advice was no one can ever afford to have kids. So maybe you could put a little away each month for your RE trips. Does your insurance not cover any IF?

Allison said...

((((Hugs))))) So frustrating... all of it.

You should create a questionnaire for your mom with everything you want to know. LOL

Steph O. said...

I like the questionnaire idea. Sucks that she can't just give you the info. Someone told me the same advice as Heather.

I hope the hubs feels better soon, snoring does not lead to good sleep!

(((HUGS))) Monday will be over soon!

Misty Dawn said...

What the hay man! Geez, you'd think someone would have told you that. Better RUN to the RE!!! Yes I WANT that recipe. Can't wait to see if the RJ works for one of us soon. I stopped taking it after O as recommended. I will start back CD1.

Emily said...

(((HUGS))) I'm sorry you had to find out such critical information at the dinner table. Does your mom know about what is going on with you and the hubs? Once I realized that things weren't going so great in that department I started questioning my mom, and it did help that I needed her help in filling out all the forms from the RE. Good Luck!!!!

E said...

Wow, she never told you that? Sorry.

I agree that there is never enough money for having a baby. I hope you can figure it out. I wonder how much it would be for a consulatation to just talk to an RE about your concerns and worries. I know my first one was 300 bucks. But that is what they billed insurance.