Oversexed and underpaid

Wait. Maybe that came out wrong. To clarify, I am not getting paid for sex.

My lower back is just freaking KILLING me lately and I'm thinking it may be because (prepare yourself for TMI) of the way hubs and I BD. We refer to it as "lazy style." Maybe we should switch it up more often because something is clearly not agreeing with my sacroiliac. Seriously, as if we IFers don't have enough problems, I can't even have sex without creating issues!

In related news, I'm still waiting to O... although the EWCM is long gone. Good thing my PreSeed came in the mail the other day! Today is CD16, and yesterday's OPK was almost positive, so hopefully I'll get that + today. I'm really glad I started taking the B6 cuz if I do get a + tonight, that means O tomorrow-ish, which = 11 day LP. Hopefully the vitamins will help, I'll definitely be keeping track of that this month.

It's been kinda crazy at work this week, as the beginning of the month usually is! Then there's this whole "efficiency" movement here that has 3/4 of my underlings worrying that they're going to lose their jobs. They aren't, but how do you convey that to nervous people in this economy?

Hubs had his second (and final, I think) interview with his #1 choice for new employment this morning, and he said he thinks it went pretty well. Please keep your fingers crossed for him that he gets this job!! They said they'll get back to him by the end of the week. :)

Have a great night, all! Only 2 more days until the weekend! Whew!


Misty Dawn said...

Wahoo for the almost +OPK! Wow you got yours early. This C mine came soooo late CD22. ~sigh~ This economy has everyone stressed from one day to the next. I've been told that it can't get much worse and there is no where to go but up. Still, its stressful. I hope DH gets that job!!

^J^ said...

Haha! Love your title. Thanks for making me smile!

Hope you get/got that +opk.....What is the B6 suppose to help with?

Finger's crossed for hubby's job.

Allison said...

LMAO at your title!

Hope that O happens soon and that THIS IS YOUR CYCLE! Good luck to your hubby on the job front!

E said...

TTC can really hamper everything we do in life even sex!!


Heather said...

I should have bought OPK's. My last cycle was totally off, starting 3 days early, and now I have no clue what's going on.
We use Preseed too! And I really like it.