The weekend

Okay, so first off, I have a beef with we.athe.r.com. Sure, this weekend was warm and sunny, just like they predicted, but they neglected to mention the freakin' gale-force winds on Saturday! I'm talking 40+ mph gusts. What we coastal southern Californians refer to as the "Santa Ana's" - strong, hot winds that come from from over the mountains to the east. Have you seen the movie "The Ho.lid.ay?" There's a scene where Jack Black is telling Kate Winslet about how romantic and magical the Santa Ana winds are. Well let me tell you something: he's full of crap. I'd like him to explain what's so magical about 40 mph, 80 degree wind drying out your eyes and skin, blowing dirt and debris everywhere, and giving everything an electrical charge. My hair and clothes are staticky and every time I touch ANYTHING made of metal I get shocked. Yeah, super romantic. Idiot.

I don't much care for the Santa Ana's.

But they did prevent me from having to do yard work on Saturday. Instead, hubs and I ran some errands and then relaxed indoors. The winds died down enough for us to enjoy a great party in the park for my engaged friends A&R on Sunday, though. We had a nice, relaxing time, and we even got to use the quick-shade, card table and cooler that hubs's parents got us for Christmas for the first time. (They always give us way too much, but it's always super handy stuff!) We sprawled out on a blanket and just ate and chatted and chilled all afternoon. I even got a little sun!

I took some photos of my colorful soda "centerpieces," but of course haven't uploaded them yet. I'll try to remember to do that tonight. They came out really cute - I just got three of these little galvanized steel flower planters, lined up 4 sodas in each, and threw some ice on them. Hubs and I went to this local retro soda and candy shop (called Roc.ket Fi.zz) to get 12 different flavored and colored sodas in glass bottles. They had everything there, from plain old Coke and Pepsi to vintage style soft drinks in every imaginable flavor including pineapple, cherry-cream, and fizzy blueberry lemonade. Plus, they had every kind of candy bar you've ever heard of. Hubs and I each got one that we'd never tried before - I had a Zagnut and it was SO GOOD! Why don't they sell them everywhere anymore?? Hubs got a Clark bar, which was a lot like a Butterfinger. Yummy! I love old-fashionedy stuff like that, so I had a great time! (Like a kid in a candy shop?) It makes me REALLY wish I had kids to plan parties for, but I'm definitely going to go back for supplies for my next party anyway! Or maybe just next time I'm really, really PMSed.

So yep, it was a fun, relaxing weekend, if riddled with crap in my eyes and skin so dry I could hardly move my fingers. Which brings me to today: CD16. I haven't seen any more EWCM since that little bit last week; in fact I've been a tad dry lately, probably from the Clomid. Good thing I stocked up on PreSeed! Hubs and I are still DTD every other day and then some. He's being a real trooper...or maybe more of a drill sergeant! We BDed on Saturday, and I was so tired last night from yesterday's festivities that I was about to just head off to bed early. But then hubs said, "Aren't we supposed to go all out since you're on Clomid?" And then we had a rockin' BD session. LOL I told him we made a baby with that one! Sigh... I can only hope! Anyway, onward. I have a new, huge, complicated, boring project I should be working on right now. Might as well get started.

Happy Monday everyone!


elephantscanremember said...

I am glad you enjoyed yourselves. Boo on the gale force winds, though.

I can't wait to see those centerpieces. I'd love a store like that here, and would be there too often.

Let's go eggies and spermies!

Anonymous said...

As soon as you said Santa Ana's, I totally thought of Jack ! ROFL !

Wow, sounds like the hubs is on a mission ! Left, Left, Left, Right, Left...swim !

E said...

You're right that doesn't sound very romantic at all!! I hate wind anyway. I find it very annoying.

Glad it died down and you were able to enjoy your party at the park.

I have heard of a Zagnut I swear...maybe from my childhood?

^J^ said...

Ugh! We had some awful winds as well...Don't know if the Santa Ana winds come down to TX, but gheez, it was bad here too.

I love that yall had a picnic in the park. Wish I could talk hubby into that, oh well....Wait, does eating outside while camping count?!?

tracy said...

I want to see pics of your centerpieces!! And please tell me where that awesome store is! Take me and Scott with you next time you go