I'm grumpy

Stupid neck. It hurts again. I'm heading back to the chiro after work tonight. Gotta love it!

Well I think I'm done researching acupuncturists. I've been in contact with 4 places. The really fancy one I linked to before isn't the most expensive, but it is expensive. Surprisingly, the most expensive one took the longest to call me back, called me on a cell phone while driving in her car and I could hardly understand what she was saying, and I just wasn't very impressed. I have to return one call (TODAY! I totally forgot to yesterday) and then I can make a decision on which one I will be frequenting. Oh yeah, we also have to look at the budget to see where we're going to be cutting back. --Insert bitter comment here about the cost of conceiving a child --

I'm officially done with Clomid, and I really want to take E's advice and just BD every other day rather than hassle with (and stress over) OPKs... but on the other hand I want to see whether I get a strong + this C due to the Clomid. That is sort of important to know, since it's my first (though possibly only) time using it, right? Please say no, then I can just skip the OPKs without any guilt!!

Time for this day to move a little faster. I can't wait to get my neck adjusted and mobile again.


elephantscanremember said...

I didn't use opk or temp at all on Clomid, as I went by my body's usual o signs.

I hope you can find a happy medium. :)

Steph O. said...

I stress so badly over OPKs, I'd say that unless your dr has required them, skip it. Rationalize it by how bad the stress is for your body. :)

How bad has Clomid been? Any s/e so far?

E said...

I have ugly neck pain all the time too. The only thing that helps me is Icy Hot which I can't take right now. The chiro today twisted the hell out of it but I am not sure it helped?

My doctor didn't want me to take OPKs while on Clomid. He only wanted me to BD every other day for a week. He said they would stress me out too much. (Of course I never got to use the Clomid, I got pregnant with a blighted ovum instead)

Maybe just take them this month until you get a + and then skip next month?