Hump day hodgepodge

Thanks for your comments on my OPK conundrum, ladies :) I've decided to just BD every other day and skip the pee sticks this C. I don't think my doctor told me to use them, he's not monitoring me, and since I'm not doing more than one round of Clomid anyway what difference does it make? I'd much rather keep this C as mellow as possible. But I did put on my "Baby dust fairy" temporary tattoo that came with my last order of PreSeed. Yep, I think I have the magic now for sure! LOL

This Sunday marks the beginning of the wedding madness, with my friends A&R's non-engagement/engagement potluck in the park, and I'm excited! Not just for the party, but also because the weather is supposed to be beautiful and I get to spend the day outside, not doing yard work! The couple doesn't want anything wedding-y or engagement-esque; they want it as casual as possible, and it will be. But I did find some fun ideas for "centerpieces" to jazz it up a little. I think I'm going to get some brightly-colored bottled sodas and put them in little pots/pails/tubs on the picnic tables. Cute AND functional, dontcha think?

There's not much else going on with me right now. Hubs and I are trying to cut back our spending to help ease the costs of acupuncture (and I still need to call that 4th place back!), so we committed to bringing lunches to work every day. I am generally pretty cheap when I buy lunch, but I'm still probably saving around $20 a week. If hubs keeps up on it too that will pay for 60-70% of my acupuncture treatments if I go weekly. Not too shabby! Plus, I'm sure it's much better for me than eating fast food every day! I'm even looking forward to the peanut butter and honey sandwich I threw together this morning. I know, my lunch is fit for a 3rd grader, but I don't care!

Happy Hump Day - only two more days of waking up early before the weekend!


Misty Dawn said...

I can't wait to see what the centerpieces look like. Although, I'm confused as to what they do, are you putting candles in them? Yay another Clomid buddy! Seems RJ is making magic in my C, I have 6 follies on 100mg Clomid. Not too shabby right? Now I've just got to fig out how to plump my lining. Ideas? RE said vit E and spinach. LOL I know what I'm eating tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you should take my Church Lady advice and BD for 10 days straight ! Praying the tattoo does the trick !

Sounds like a fun weekend for you :) !!

Kate said...

Don't feel bad - I usually bring PB & Jelly sandwiches for lunch! It's a nice little break for your day. :0)

elephantscanremember said...

I hope you enjoyed your sandwich.

Good luck with this cycle. My fingers are crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for bringing your own lunch to work. It's something that I try to do (when I work away from home). And I love PB&H sandwiches.

I hope you have fun on Sunday, your ideas sound wonderful!