Weekend update

First off, all my worrying about Oing early was for nothing, and if the bagger with the eggs was a sign it wasn't the sign I was thinking. I took 2 OPKs when I got home on Friday night and both were VERY negative. Whew!! I forgot to take one on Saturday, but yesterday I had an almost positive, so I think I'll be Oing in the next couple of days. What a relief! I don't know exactly what gave me all that EWCM, but I'm definitely going to be really good about taking all my vitamins from now on, and hopefully I'll keep getting it :)

Friday night girls' night was a success! I managed to cram 9 ladies into my little living room where we chatted and played J.ust Da.nce and Mar.io K.art on the Wii. Oh my gosh - J.ust Da.nce ROCKS! It was a huge hit and a couple of my friends took pictures and videos, so as soon as I get those I will definitely be posting them. I suck at dancing (zero coordination), but I guess I got my arms to move right because I kicked butt! Only my friend A (the one who was my MOH) spent the night and we stayed up chatting until about 4:00 a.m. It was great, it totally took me back to our college days. Except now I can't function on 5 hours of sleep the way I could back then...

I was so exhausted on Saturday I ended up taking a nap after A went home... and slept until almost 2:00! Afterwards I met up with my friend B and we went to a benefit event that hubs' uncle was putting on. He is co-chair/spokesperson for the brand-new local chapter of the Best Day Foundation. Uncle C teaches special needs kids how to surf. It's pretty amazing that he makes it possible for kids with ANY kind of special needs - blind, deaf, autistic, those with cancer, physical or mental disabilities, whatever - to surf! After the benefit, B and I had dinner with her parents, who are like my second parents and I haven't seen in forever, and that was really nice.

Sunday I picked hubs up from the airport in L.A. at noon. Amazingly, not only did I get there a little early AND his flight was a few minutes early, but I got parking right in front of his gate, we were out of there in like 5 minutes, and there was virtually no traffic. We spent the rest of the day relaxing and BDing. :) Good times!

Unfortunately the good times ended all too soon, and here we are again at Monday. Sigh... It's not a terrible day, just busy with reports and all the other stuff I need to get caught up on before Wednesday. But I always make time for my bloggy ladies!

Hope you're all having a great day!


Misty Dawn said...

Well I hope its the RJ helping your eggies grow which inturn the elevated estrogen is giving you more EWCM. I always have 5-6 days of fertile CM before O. Congrats!!

E said...

Glad to hear you didn't O yet before hubby got home!!

Your girl's night sounds like it was a lot of fun.

MotherHen said...

I am not familiar with Clomid. When does that start? Is it a daily thing or just timing? Do you get to use it this c?

Good luck! Have fun ;D

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