So... Yeah. I give up. I think I'm turning into a hippie.

It was bound to happen, living in southern CA my entire life. I tried to fight it, I shun Birkenstocks, patchuli, and hair beads. I shave my armpits, brush my hair, and bathe every day. Where did I go wrong?

I'm pretty sure the infertility did it to me. If I could pop out kids at will I'd never have thought twice about my horrible eating habits. I'd be able to eat fast food, guzzle coffee, and skip vitamins guilt-free! But now I'm buying all organic meats and produce, whole-grain breads, and trying every supplement known to man. Even my tea is organic! I have 4 different kinds sitting in my desk drawer right this very minute, and 3 are herbal.

And it's getting worse. I read that replacing most meats with plant protein improves fertility, so I keep thinking how I can incorporate soy, nuts, and beans into my diet and cut back on meat. Hard to do when I eat fast food for lunch almost every day. I wonder stuff like, "is a bean burrito from T.aco Be.ll better for me than a cold-cut sandwich from Su.bway?"

Worse yet, I am starting to buy into this whole "positive attitude is good for you" nonsense. I tell myself I should meditate, do yoga, practice visualizing the outcome I want to happen, and try not to worry about the future... And dang it but there are actually STUDIES that back it up!!

It won't be much longer before I'm eating nothing but granola and running around with the Hari Krishnas. Yep. I think I'm a goner!

Just call me Harmony Sunshine Windtree.


elephantscanremember said...

Go hug a tree, Kitty! ;)

I am glad you've found some possible treatment aids. Just make sure to not take too much soy as it messes with estrogen levels and thereby messes with your endo. I stay away from it, but cannot give up my gluten for some reason.

Misty Dawn said...

I think its that hippies tea transforming you LOL Wow girl you really do go all out, I barely buy organic anything, its just too expensive!

E said...

LOL, sorry. At one time, I went completely organic because I was convinced that was the root of my infertility. While it was nice, it really broke my wallet, big time. We don't have any nice organic markets around here that aren't sky high in price. So, I had to give it up. I was paying 6 bucks for a gallon of organic milk. Sometimes I felt so desperate that I would look into every little thing just knowing something was keeping me from getting pregnant and just knowing there was something causing my m/c's.

I don't know if there ever was something, but I totally get that level of desperation. I can say that all 3 times I got pregnant were the months that I wasn't "focused" mind, body, and soul on it at that particular time. Although, I would get pissed any time someone told me "I was thinking too much about it" or "Just relax and it will happen."

Caitlin said...

You crack me up, Harmony. ;)

I don't think you are turning into a hippie...you are just being very health concious. Now, once you stop shaving and showering regularly, then I might say you are teetering on the edge! I do most of the same things, the teas and yoga (not a lot of organic foods because they are pricey!) but it is more for my mental well being rather than my "fertility". I think it's just good sense!

Sweet Pea said...

Have you been smoking the hooka ? ROFL...you are hilarious ! Whatever you do , do not wear the Hari Krishnas outfit, it is so not you !

MotherHen said...

Welcome to the bright side my luv! If positive thinking, prayer, and visualization can cure my aunts stage four cancer than it is quite possible it can help eggies meet spermies in a cozy place too. Ps. The farmers market is accross the street from the yoga studio A and I went to. on Sat mornings you could do both.

tracy said...


You can borrow all my Vegetarian Times magazines! There's some good recipes in there! And then I can start cooking for two and we can meet under a tree on the lawn and have lunch together!!!