We take the bad with the good, right?

Today is kind of an off day. There was weird traffic on my way to work and I got here late. Then realized I left my work keys at home. Ugh. Luckily the front desk receptionist keeps duplicate desk keys, so at least I can get into my cabinets. I can't access certain online programs or open the vault, but what can ya do.

I managed to get into the doc's office today, and it turns out I have another bout of BV. I decided she and YI are wicked step-sisters. Probably along with AF too. Or maybe AF is the evil step-mother. Or aunt. Whatever. Anyway, I have another RX for antibiotics, with the caveat that it's possible whatever's infesting my vajay is resistant to these meds, so we shall see how I feel next week. Seriously - all this stuff, YI's for months, followed by BV for months, is total deja vu to what I went through a few years ago. Not pleasant and very frustrating. But, I will take BV over YI any day of the week.

In happier news, hubs and I are going camping this weekend at the beach with his family. They've been camping all week, so we'll just get the tail end of the trip, but it should be nice and relaxing. AND, we've had 2 offers on the Scion already! I'm waiting to find out now if one of them will accept our (modest) counter-offer. Fingers crossed!

It's almost Friday, whew!


Allison said...

Oh sweetie. BV, YI and AF are all members of a family that needs to stay the frick away from you!!!! sigh. I'm sorry.

Have a great weekend, though!

E said...

Sorry about BV this month. So are they trying you on any different antibiotics?

Have fun camping at the beach!

Emily said...

Have fun camping this weekend!

Sorry about the BV! Geesh - you can't catch a break girl! GRRRR!

M said...

Oh no Kitty, not again! I hope you heal quickly and stay comfortable. Have fun camping this weekend!