-If you read my other blog, you already know about hubs' and my adventure G8 shopping this weekend. But, I didn't mention what I thought about the car. To be honest, it was very nice, roomy, had very comfy seats, and was fun to drive.

But, I just didn't feel quite comfortable in it. As big as it was, it felt a little claustrophobic inside. I think that was because the frame/bar things on either side of the windshield contain airbags, which means they're really big. Having those things constantly in my periphery was really disconcerting whether I was driving or in the passenger seat. So the hunt continues!

Oh, but they did lower the price on the BMW hubs brought by my work last week. I may have played "bad cop" a little too well though, because they haven't called to tell us! Hehe, oops. Guess I need more practice.

-I'm afraid depression is sneaking its way back into my life, and it's getting harder and harder to fight. This time at least I feel like there's a source, whereas before I felt like I was going crazy because I had no "reason" to be depressed. That doesn't make me any happier, but it makes me feel stable enough that I know I don't want to go back on antidepressants at this point. There are a few different OTC/herbal antidepressants out there, so I think I may do some research.

-I lied yesterday about AF. Well, not "lied," I thought I stopped spotting on Sunday, but turns out I still am. It's still weird, Sunday it was sooooooo light and then it seemed to stop Monday morning but started again in the afternoon, and I still have it today. Today is CD7 which would normally be my spotty day, so hopefully it will be gone tomorrow. I have to say, darn you ladies for suggesting I test! Now I keep thinking, "Maybe..." I will wait until my hopes are back down so when I see that negative I won't fall apart. But I do agree that testing is the smart thing to do. I have absolutely no pg symptoms though, so don't get excited. It is for confirmation purposes only!

Okay off to do some work, some research, and maybe some road trip planning if I have time.


Dot said...

I am sorry for suggesting you taking a HPT...I told my DH and he said why did you tell her that, she is going to get her hopes up ...I hate it when he knocks some sense back into me...I am stiil hoping & praying for you though.


-my husband grows cotton- said...

I hope you find the car that works for you!

Why does AF have to tease and be so mean? (((HUGS)))

^J^ said...

Not to shabby, it almost looks like a .B.M.W.!

Sorry af is playing mind games. Bad AF!(pointing my finger) ;)

nholdorf said...


Misty Dawn said...

I totally understand about the POAS thing. One of the tricks I do, is BBT my temp in the morn...if its around my Pre-O temps I don't even bother, if its at Post O temps I run to the bathroom stick in hand. LOL

After being in a BMW no car will compare. LOL

Allison said...

Stoopid AF. :( Go vaca planning!

I hope the herbal remedies help, Kitty. (((hugs)))