One-track mind

Seems like my lady part issues are dominating my life right now, and by extension, also my blog. So I aplogize for that and fully understand if you skip these posts! (This one in particular.)

When I was having these same issues a few years ago (persistent YIs every month) I tried what seems like everything to get rid of them - diflucan, vinegar douches, tea tree oil, herbal suppositories and douches, every OTC and prescription treatment, not to mention the supplements and changes in diet... I finally somehow discovered that combining Monistat 1 day and 3 day treatments knocked the yeast out and have been using it ever since. Well, I treated last week's Yolanda infestation in the usual manner. This time though, two days after my last application (which would be yesterday) I still had a lot of yucky discharge and some itching.

And then I had a breakdown. I am so incredibly frustrated. I feel like I'm all alone trying to figure this out, and I just don't know what else I can do. Neither my GP nor my GYN gives a crap, and they seem to know less about YIs than I do. They just hustle me in, hand over a useless prescription, and rush me out the door. Maybe I just have a hard time asserting myself, but I decided I'm fed up with it.

On the hubs' suggestion, I'm going back to my old GP. He doesn't take my insurance, but as hubs said, "We'll join the rest of the country and rack up some medical bills if we have to." This doctor was the only one who took the time to listen, research, and help me when I was having similar issues a few years ago. I just hope I can get in soon. Of course, AF showed up full force this morning, so I'm not sure what they will say about that. I guess if nothing else I could at least make an appointment to talk about some long-term options, such as taking diflucan regularly for several months or something.

I know there are other things I can try, like the candida diet, which hubs was kind enought to say he'd do with me. I also did a search to see if there was any correlation between celiac disease (since it runs in my family) and YI. There is a "loose" link, and maybe I can request they test for that to rule it out as well. I have a vague theory that hpv might be contributing as well, so I wonder if I can get a pap to see if there is currently dysplasia present. I'm just so scared that they're going to find that nothing is wrong, YIs are popping up for no apparent reason, nothing will cure them, and I'm wasting my childbearing years away not even able to TRY to get pregnant anymore. (Have you ever had sex when you had a YI?? One word: Sandpaper.)

I'll be calling the old doctor up as soon as they open. Please keep your fingers crossed that his staff is as nice as they used to be, and that someone takes pity on me! Otherwise, I may just be jumping off the balcony today... ;)


Caitlin said...

Oh Kitty I'm so sorry... ((((HUGS))))

I really hope you can get in quick and they find the problem. You've probably already thought of this, but could it be an allergy to the soap you are using or even laundry detergent? A friend of mine went through a period of time getting UTI's one after the other and she found out she developed an allergy to perfumed soaps. She now uses an uncented type and doesn't get them anymore.

I just hope you find the answers soon...I hate that you are in this much agony! :(

Emily said...


So sorry you are having to constantly deal with this and no help from your doctors! What a bunch of bull! I hope you can get into you old doctor and be on your way to feeling better!

Erin said...

I'm sure you are 110% frustrated with this. I don't understand why they aren't helping you more. Grr.

Soooo frustrating.

I think you are making the right decision to go back to your old doctor. Surely something can be done to help you.

Christina said...

I really hope your old doctor can get some answers for you! I can't imagine living with YI's all the time. Maybe you can also get the blood test for Celiac while you go just to check for it.