I just have to get this out before I post happy stuff.

So, FYI: taking AZO Yeast tablets every day (which is "scientifically proven" to prevent YI), acidophilus capsules with 5 billion live cultures every day, tons of water, cutting way back on sugar, alcohol, bread, pasta, etc. while eating more fresh fruits and veggies, and changing undies twice a day DOES NOT HELP. Yolanda Ingrid showed up again last night. (So I'm having a friggin' donut today. Screw it.)

She seems to always show up between O and AF, so next month after I O I'm going to try using RepHresh. It's supposed to balance out vaginal pH, so I figure it's worth a shot. If that doesn't work, I'm going back to my doctor and demand they try SOMETHING. I've heard of taking Diflucan as a preventative, and although it never works for me to cure a YI, maybe it will help prevent one. Seriously. This is what, my 4th YI in the past 4 months??? Ridiculous.

Sigh... Happy 4th of July to me.


Christina said...

I hope the doctor can do something for you! It just doesn't seem right that you have to deal with this every month even though it seems like you're doing everything right.

Allison said...

Oh honey!! That sucks so bad! I'm sorry... your doctor needs to work with you to figure this out! :(

Erin said...

I have heard of the link between changing hormones and infections. I, myself, get a little itchy during that change from pre O to post O.

Weird huh?

I hope they can suggest something for you to try. I can't believe they haven't yet.

Caitlin said...

Ohmigosh Kitty that is awful! You'd better get to that doc of yours and figure something out. You shouldn't have to suffer like this month after month.