My my my my my boogie shoes

I'm in a silly mood today. :)

My birthday is tomorrow and I am so excited. I swear, I'm just like a little kid. I never understood people who dread their birthdays because I love mine so much! Yep, when it comes to my birthday, I am a total attention whore.

Tonight the girls are getting together for wine to celebrate not only my birthday, but the engagement of our friend, S! It's bound to be quite a party! I have to try to take it easy though because hubs and I are taking the day off tomorrow to go to Disneyland. Then on Saturday we're going to a Dodger game! I love it!

I'm all about the embarrassing attention too, like at Disneyland I'm totally gonna rock the "it's my birthday" sticker all day. I may even get me some Mickey ears to top it off. And I love it when we go to a restaurant and they sing happy birthday! And hello, who doesn't want a free dessert? Now I just need to figure out something to do at Dodger Stadium that will get me on the Jumbo-Tron. That would really make my day!

Okay I have to try to get some work done before I have to leave to go to the DMV. (My dang license is expiring tomorrow, oops!)


Dot said...

Kit...you make me laugh...lol ! Happy early Birthday !! Have fun at Disney and the baseball game !!

Erin said...

LOL. You are too funny. Happy early birthday and have fun at Disney! Sounds fun.

Emily said...

Have a great birthday Kitty! You deserve all the attention you can get!!!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow! Hope you have a great time at Disney Land!

Allison said...

I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!!! I always buy a special birthday-outfit and, like a little kid, greet everyone with "Hi! It's my birthday!"

Have a FANTASTIC day!!!

nholdorf said...

Happy Birthday Kitty.

Everyone deserves extra attention on their birthday...!!!!!