It turns out we didn't take very interesting photos, so I'll try to make this as fun as possible!

Here I, the birthday girl, am struttin' my stuff on Main St. U.S.A. Notice that I'm sporting my "it's my birthday" button, as promised! Hubs wouldn't let me get a tiara though. :'(

Standing in line is boring with a capital J. So we made our own fun and took random pictures of ourselves. Here (in line for Pirates of the Caribbean) hubby is attempting to look incredulous, and I'm doing my interpretation of Derek Zoolander's "Blue Steel."

While we were standing in line for the Finding Nemo ride (whatever it's called), they were doing a little Star Wars show (way in the back there, the people with the brown robes just below the umbrellas), teaching kids (er, padawans) how to use "light sabers." It was too cute! They used those plastic ones that telescope out when you whip them. And the instructors would tell the kids, "Activate!" "Deactivate!"

The Nemo ride was really cute! Here are some ancient ruins, miles below the surface of the ocean... Oh yes, they're totally authentic.

In line for the Buzz Lightyear ride/game (which, by the way, is super fun! We went on it twice). I am so hardcore. What's even more brutal is that my mouth looks just like Emperor Zurg's.

And hubs looks just like Buzz! :\

Makin' out in Toon Town! Get a room!

Ah, good times were had by both of us. See, Allison? I'm not always a crotchety old lady! Hehe. But yeah. I still don't like it when people get all up in my bubble! I need my 3 feet of personal space!

Overall, we had a great time. And we're set for the next year or two before we go back :)

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E said...

hehe, too cute Kitty! You guys look like a fun couple!