Glimmer of hope

Okay, I got an appointment at my old doctor's office today. The nurse said the doctor may not be able to examine me, and if he can he may not get very accurate results since AF just started, but it's up to me if I want to come in today or wait until next week. I'm taking my chances, I really don't want to wait a week. I figure if nothing else it will be good for my mental health to be able to talk to him about all this stuff. Plus, hubs is on board in case I do need to go back next week for an exam. Turns out it will be less than $100, which is than I was anticipating, so that's not too terrible.

On a totally unrelated note, hubs is so funny, he keeps going back and forth on whether we should get a BMW this summer or wait until next year. I've decided to leave it entirely up to him. If he can find one for a good deal with my modest requirements (I just want it to be black!) then I'm all for it. Well, he has the day off today and decided to go test drive another one at a dealership near my work. He brought it by to show me, and told me that I got to be the "bad cop." So I said stuff like, "I don't mind the paint," (it was metallic instead of the flat black that I prefer) and "the interior isn't bad." (Brown leather instead of black.) Kinda fun! I'm not getting my hopes up too high, though it would be nice to drive something comfier than my Scion on our road trip... Hmmm... We shall see!


Christina said...

I hope you guys get the BMW! I can tell you from experience that road trips in the Scion TC are HORRIBLE! Those seats hurt your ass after about 3 hours and then you start to sweat no matter how cool the car is. I can't believe how uncomfortable the seats are.

Caitlin said...

I love car shopping!! Good idea about leaving the decision up to him. :)

Glad you can get into your doc. Hope things clear up soon!

Allison said...

LOL!!! "The seatbelt's a little snug;" "the radio's kinda loud, don't ya think?" That sounds fun!!