I am so tired today!

I will get around to reading everyone's posts from yesterday, promise. But unfortunately since I'm over here on the west coast, you probably won't know it until tomorrow anyway. I do care, though!

Thank you for the birthday wishes, both here and in We.bM.D land. I just love you ladies!

Disneyland was fun! We didn't get there until almost noon and left before 9, but that's about all we could handle anyway. As a testament to my age, I'm friggin' exhausted today and my feet are KILLING me. Plus, can I just say that there are way too many people out there with ZERO respect for personal space? I was touched, rubbed against, and breathed on more than I care to remember while standing in the lines. And if I tried to inch away, they'd scoot right up behind me again. **Shudder** I don't really like being touched by randoms. Call me crazy. Anyway, I'll post more on D-land later tonight when I can put up some photos.

Besides yesterday's adventure, I just haven't been sleeping well lately. Last night it was hot, and since it so rarely gets overly hot where we live, homes here just don't have A/C. Well, I kept waking up in a pool of my own sweat. Pleasant! As a bonus, I was also having nightmares and at one point hubs had to wake me up because I was screaming, but without my voice, KWIM? The night before last was girls night, and I may have had one too many glasses of pink champagne, and I never sleep well after drinking. Needless to say, I'll be going to bed early tonight!

In TTC news, I cheated on my summer vacation! After girls night I noticed EWCM, plus, ya know, I was a little excitable from the champagne, so there was a BD session that night. Our break has been really open-ended from the beginning, so maybe we'll just kind of ease back into TTC. I definitely don't see us going all out this C, and I'm still not too sure about next month either. It's kind of nice to just let things happen and play out however they will for a while. Who knew I'd actually enjoy TAB?

Today is CD17. I'm trying to be really vigilant on the lookout for Yolanda. Another round of RepHresh will take place this evening, and if nothing else, I'll apparently have really supple tissue! Gotta stock up on the AZO tablets too. Yolie's not taking me down without a fight!


Erin said...

Yeah, I am not a fan of huge crowds myself. I do enjoy theme parks though.

I could no live without air conditioning here. No way, no how.

I also had a nightmare last night! I dreamt that a lizard about 12 inches long ran across my walls toward me. I started running out of room and I could it runnning after me *shudders*

I hope Yolanda stays away!

Allison said...

For going to Disneyland on your birthday, you sound like a cranky old lady! LOL!!!! ;)

I cannot stand people to be in my space. It's the worst.

Have a great birthday-weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Kitty! Its about time you caught up with me :) J/K! That's crazy we are so close in age and our birthday's fall in July. I hope the semi break, pink champagne and ewcm = BFP! Hope you got caught up on your zzz!