Dining out on the cheap!

Has anyone ever used this site?

Katherine (a.k.a. the Coupon Queen) turned me on to it a few months ago, and it is awesome. They offer deep discounts on "gift certificates" to various restaurants all over the country. I've bought several, although I've only gotten around to using a couple so far (I have a stack of them at home waiting for us to go out to eat!). Katherine uses them all the time. People always ask if they really work, and the answer is yes they do!

Here's how it works: Each restaurant puts up a certain number of "gift certificates" for sale each month, which you can buy for a discount - usually $10 for a $25 gift certificate. Most restaurants require you to spend a minimum of $35 on your meal if you're using a $25 certificate, so really it's more like a coupon in my opinion. All in all, you spend $20 (plus tip, which is automatically added on to your bill) for a $35 meal. Not bad.

What's better though, is the website has deals all the time where you can get 60%, 75%, or even 80% off the discounted price if you sign up to get email promos. Today I purchased two $25 gift certificates for only $2 each (using the promo code NAPKIN)! Yeah I have to rack up a $35 check when I use one, but that's only $12 I'll spend on a $35 meal. Plus I am noticing more and more restaurants participating. Hubs is thrilled because one of his favorites just showed up.

Give it a try! The NAPKIN promo is good until July 28.

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Misty Dawn said...

i'm pretty excited! Can't wait to talk to DH about this!